Dimplex A-Class impresses in field trials

Dimplex A-Class air source heat pump - PR IMAGE
Dimplex reports that its A-Class air source heat pump has consistently outperformed the Heat Emitter Guide to deliver ‘outstanding’ results in a series of field tests.

Dimplex worked with key installer partners to install 12 A-Class systems into domestic properties between August and October last year and has since used remote monitoring to measure the performance of each installation.

According to the company, early analysis of the winter months shows the Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF) of all 12 installations has exceeded the figure which would be expected under the same conditions according to the Heat Emitter Guide – some by as much as a third.

It adds that A-Class would deliver running cost savings compared to a ‘standard’ air source heat pump performing at the levels expected by the Heat Emitter Guide – with potential savings up to £432 in some circumstances.

Clyde MacVeigh, renewables marketing director at Dimplex, said: “The test sites were purposely chosen to give a good spread of locations from Inverness to Southampton and a variety of system specifications. We have tested A-Class with underfloor heating, radiators and Dimplex SmartRad in both retrofit and new build projects and seen outstanding results across the board.

“We can now confidently add proven performance to the list of installer and end user benefits that A-Class offers. It’s been through a rigorous testing phase in a range of applications and consistently delivered impressive results, so we are delighted with the performance.”