Martindale’s ‘winning tips’ for non-contact voltage  

Martindale Electric’s have released their NC Series of non-contact testers, which enable electricians and maintenance teams to quickly and safely identify live wiring and detect magnetic fields in a range of applications.  

Martindale’s ‘winning tips’ for non-contact voltage and magnetic field detection.

The models feature a bright LED torch at the point of measurement, together with both audible and visual indication, which helps teams to work in poorly lit areas. The extended clear probe tip makes it easier to identify the source of the live voltage or magnetic field through improved access and brighter indication. 

Both the NC2 non-contact voltage detector and the NC4 dual sensitivity non-contact voltage detector makes it simple to detect the presence of AC voltages in cabling, sockets and connectors.  The sensitivity of the NC2 has been optimised for 230V single and 3 phase systems making it ideal for identifying and tracing live mains cables in trunking and connectors. The NC4 features two sensitivity ranges which can be set according to the application and is suitable for both mains and lower voltage systems down to 12V. 

The non-contact magnetic field detection capabilities of the NC1 non-contact solenoid/magnetic field tester and NC3 non-contact voltage and magnetic field tester can be used for checking the operation of relays and solenoid valves in a wide range of machinery. This feature allows testing without having to dismantle equipment or control panels.  For the dual function NC3, a bright red LED indicates voltage and a yellow LED magnetic field.  Suitable applications for both the NC1 and NC3 include troubleshooting and servicing of control equipment in process industries, energy, transportation and pneumatic and hydraulic systems.