Renewable Energy Installer & Specifier (REI) provides practical and comprehensive intelligence for the low carbon technologies sector, and over the last decade, has built a reputation for objective and incisive reporting.

REI is the go-to, information hub for professional installers, specifiers, engineers, suppliers and service providers, operating in the low carbon technologies market. As best practice evolves, we will share the news, insights and data to guide and empower our readership on their individual journeys through this fast-moving sector. REI’s focus covers all sectors relevant for the installation of renewable technologies, which include not just the domestic market, but so too, the commercial, industrial, agricultural as well as the public sectors.

Economies around the world are passing laws and setting ambitious, net zero targets to end their contribution to global warming. Professionals working in renewable technologies, thereby face the monumental task of transforming our homes, offices, factories, public buildings and agricultural industries to ensure they are ‘zero carbon ready’. Overwhelmingly, the industry needs, and is actively seeking guidance on incentive schemes, legislative updates, but moreover, the latest technological developments and their subsequent, sustainable application.

By providing the latest news, in-depth articles, opinion pieces, and case studies with current, topical and valuable content on the website and regular newsletters, REI is working to deliver that vital content for this industry, and in doing so has its finger on the pulse of this exciting and innovative sector.

Recently relaunched to offer an improved user experience, the refreshed design provides easy navigation on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, allowing readers to access all content on the go. REI offers full, unlimited access to all our content as well as ground-breaking industry news and insight.


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