Introducing the HomePlug PHY module

Devolo has announced the launch of its HomePlug PHY modules and solutions for electric vehicle charging.

According to the company, HomePlug Green PHY was established as a Europe-wide standard for data communications between charging points and electric vehicles and, as a member of the HomePlug Alliance, devolo has played a crucial role in drafting the standard.

Devolo says its compact dLAN HomePlug Green PHY modules can be integrated easily and cost-effectively into existing charging points in accordance with the small-footprint standard. Its dLAN HomePlug Green PHY modules claim to guarantee stable and secure communication between electric vehicles and charging points while the car is being charged. They use the charging connection’s pilot line for IP-based data communication, to relay information to the charging point during DC charging which will benefit AC and DC current systems.

Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG said: “In the E-mobility communication market, devolo brings its Powerline expertise and long-term experience in OEM business to develop existing infrastructures for manufacturer-embedded products, thanks to dLAN modules. As the world’s first and only manufacturer of HomePlug Green PHY modules, we can offer them in volume production quantities, and expect them to be available on the market by December 2012.”