New RECOM PV module offers 30 year warranty and low lifetime cost

The latest product launched by RECOM Technologies, the only Bloomberg Tier 1 PV module manufacturer in Europe, comes with an impressive 30 years product warranty.

The Lion HJT 450Wp is a sustainable, efficient, and reliable energy solution.

The Lion 450Wp PV module is designed with heterojunction (HJT) technology to deliver  high performance, durability, and low temperature coefficient at -0.24%/oC.

Heterojunction solar cells combine two different technologies into one cell: a mono thin crystalline silicon wafer surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. This facilitates  increased efficiency and greater energy harvesting compared with conventional silicon solar panels.

Low lifetime cost

With bifaciality factor up to 90% (compared to 70% industry standard modules), the Lion modules deliver up to 20% more energy yield in low-light conditions. With N-type technology to decrease power losses and no potential-induced or light-induced performance degradation the Lion modules are designed to deliver the lowest levalised cost of energy (LCOE) – the cost of the power produced by the system over its lifetime.

RECOM claims that the Lion 450Wp delivers up to 22.52% efficiency and 91.25% of its nominal power in the 30th year after the warranty start date – ensuring quick return on investment for end-users seeking quality and reliability.