OFGEM ECO approval for UKSOL solar module

OFGEM’S approval of the UKSOL optimised solar PV module as an ECO Innovation Measure will allow installers to claim extra ECO4 funding.

OFGEM ECO approval for UKSOL solar module

An independent British module producer with vision and ambition, UKSOL was incorporated in 2015 by president and founder, Andrew Moore. With many years of solar PV industry experience, Andrew sought to differentiate the company from the start and, by instilling twin pillars of passion and honesty, UKSOL has established a reputation for high quality, affordable solar PV technology delivered with integrity.

Developing markets

Supported by a secure 30-year British warranty, UKSOL products are exported to over 50 countries globally and rapid expansion continues. Andrew believes the future for UKSOL, which has been awarded Export Champion status by the British Government, will be at the heart of global developing solar markets.

“We believe Britain can be a world leader in delivering safe, low-cost solar energy and laying the foundations for economic freedom, carbon reduction and prosperity in the 21st century,” he shares.

Solar panels must work efficiently for many years, often in difficult climatic conditions, and UKSOL believes that customers should expect local British support through the 30-year lifespan of the panel as Andrew explains: “We want our customers to benefit fully from their solar panel installation and to ensure that they maximise return on their investment.

“We believe that proper long-term British support is the best way to help ensure customer partnerships flourish and grow which is why UKSOL’s 30-year UK warranty is trustworthy and claimable.”

UKSOL produces high-quality solar modules using only grade A materials and the latest cell technology. Panels include the latest innovations in cell design and fully automated production methods, incorporating p and n type half-cell, flexible and bifacial modules. UKSOL has a daily production capacity of over 2MW.


Continually innovating to maximise output, UKSOL developed an optimised solar PV module pre-fitted with a Tigo optimiser which incorporates anti-shading technology, online monitoring and additional safety features to deliver higher performance.

  • Reduces issues from shading
  • Increases options for panel locations
  • Can be used with any make/model of inverter
  • Improves electricity yield by an estimated 5-10%

Use of a Cloud Connect can also provide:

  • Individual panel remote monitoring
  • Rapid safety shut down

Increased output

In Ofgem’s list of approved innovation measures the system is described as consisting of ‘MCS certified monocrystalline PV modules, with optimiser units built in during the manufacturing process to ensure quality and consistency.’

The optimised panel offers an increase in electricity production by allowing generation to continue if part of the string or array is shaded or develops a fault. Systems can be installed using multiple roof angles and orientations. The addition of the optimiser allows PV installations in properties that may previously have been unsuitable due to shading.

Enhanced safety

In addition to optimisation, the UKSOL/Tigo solar module provides optional module level monitoring, and rapid shutdown. The optimiser results in a reduction of any fire risk from the panels, which will be disconnected if theoptimiser identifies a fire, or risk of a fire occurring due to a fault.

Approval boost for installers

The application for the system to be Ofgem approved as an ECO Innovation Measure was made by Happy Energy Solutions Ltd, in partnership with UKSOL and EDF.

With approval secured, the optimised module can now be deployed as a heating measure to improve the EPC rating of homes which contain an eligible form of electric heating system,or where such a heating system is installed alongside. As an approved Innovation Measure, installers can also claim between 25-50% extra ECO funding.

Breaking news

At time of going to press, Andrew was delighted to confirm that UKSOL had received confirmation from Ofgem that the optimised panel, used in conjunction with Cloud Connect, meets the eligibility criteria for a ‘substantial innovation measure’.

The decision letter, shared with Renewable Energy Installer, confirmed the approval of the application and the significant 45% uplift on ECO funding thanks to recognition of the substantial innovation the system offers.

The exponential growth in solar presents a significant opportunity for installers, sales agents, wholesalers and distributors and UKSOL is very happy to talk about the opportunity to work in partnership with this innovative producer.