UKSOL Bolivian venture marks solar milestone

UKSOL has proudly announced a ground breaking achievement in the renewable energy sector.

UKSOL has proudly announced a ground breaking achievement.

The company, a leading provider of solar solutions, has successfully secured a substantial order for its cutting-edge 670-watt solar modules to be deployed in San Ignacio de Velasco, Bolivia. The 2-megawatt order was won and placed by Bolpegas, UKSOL’s exclusive distributor for Bolivia.

A strategic collaboration

The two companies have been partners for several years now and this strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone for UKSOL, Bolpegas, and the Bolivian solar industry. The installation in San Ignacio de Velasco is poised to become one of the largest solar private projects in the country to date and will provide energy for the industrial plant of Frigorífico BFC, a company dedicated to the production of bovine meat in the region.

The project aligns with Bolivia’s commitment to sustainable energy practices and underscores UKSOL’s dedication to providing high-efficiency, reliable solar solutions globally.

The 670-watt solar modules from UKSOL are renowned for their advanced technology, ensuring optimal energy production – backed by a 30-year performance warranty.

We recently shared how UKSOL has developed a special optimised 410w all black solar panel which has been approved by Ofgem as an Innovation Measure for generous ECO funding for non-gas heated residential properties with an income less than £30k.

Such product innovations along with the venture in Bolivia not only solidify UKSOL’s position as a key player in the solar industry but also reinforce the company’s mission to drive positive change through innovative and eco-friendly energy solutions.