RHPP a missed opportunity, says Daikin

Daikin's managing director Peter Verkempynck
The government must remain committed to launching the Renewable Heat Incentive next year if it is to achieve its targets in reducing carbon emissions, is the message from Daikin UK’s managing director Peter Verkempynck.

Daikin's managing director Peter Verkempynck

Speaking at The Micropower Council’s summer reception, Mr Verkempynck criticised the government for ‘stop-start’ policies such as the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme which had resulted in missed opportunities for the renewables industry.

He added: “I am sad to say that Q1 of 2012 was the fourth consecutive quarter in which we saw a significant slowdown in market growth, despite Daikin’s and other manufacturers’ substantial commercial efforts. There is of course the wider economic pressure, but I am sorry to say that our sales teams’ most reported difficulties are policy related.

“Whilst RHPP phase 2 and its increased funding in such austere times are welcome developments, the specific details of the scheme simply came too late to maintain the momentum of phase 1, and the compliance requirements of phase 1 were so onerous that the scheme seriously underspent its budget.

“What should have been a serious boost for industry has become something of a missed opportunity.”