Politicians urged ‘tell voters how you’ll decarbonise homes’

According to the British voting public, UK political parties aren’t doing enough to prioritise sustainability in the upcoming election.

Photo of Simon Chapman National Residential Business Manager for Daikin

With a survey of UK voter perspectives, commissioned by Daikin, finding that nearly two thirds (64%) of Britons believe green issues should be one of the top priorities in the General Election, politicians who don’t are clearly out of step with public opinion.

Such is the frustration with the misalignment in priorities, an industry-wide campaign calling on all parties to up their environmental agenda ahead of the General Election has been officially launched.

Daikin UK – sustainable heating and cooling system specialist – is leading the campaign, urging all party leaders to commit to decarbonising homes. In an open letter addressed to political leaders and party-political candidates the managing director, Hiroyasu Ishikawa, has called for “clearly defined policies for domestic low carbon heating, incentives for installing low carbon heating solutions and greater investment in training.”

A manifesto for net zero

Daikin has created its own manifesto to inspire political parties and help the UK meet its legally binding 2050 net zero climate target. The call for policies includes ensuring all new homes are zero carbon from 2025 by introducing the Future Homes Standard, which would drive the phasing out of fossil fuel boilers in new homes – something two thirds (66 percent) of the nation would like to see happen as soon as possible.

The manifesto also calls on political candidates to commit to making the nation’s existing housing stock more energy-efficient by incentivising landlords, homeowners and housing associations to do so. With 76% of Brits keen to improve the energy efficiency but deterred by high costs and lack of Government subsidy, Daikin is calling for further financial support for property owners and tenants to make it more affordable to install low carbon heating.

The manifesto also tackles the 35,000 shortfall in low carbon heating installers by calling for an expansion in training, and highlighting the need to educate consumers on the advantages of low-carbon heating. Brits are almost entirely in agreement (86%) that politicians have an obligation to explain to voters why green projects are beneficial both financially and environmentally.

Daikin’s ten-point manifesto is an actionable plan designed to speed up the transition to long-term affordable heating and comfort for all households.

Heat Pumps Infographic

National Residential Business Manager, Simon Chapman, says: “We all know we are facing a climate crisis, and the world is on the brink of irreversible climate change – yet there’s a sense of inaction with our political leaders. Over three quarters (78%) of voters do not believe the government is doing enough to get energy-efficient solutions, such as heat pumps, into British homes.

“Decarbonising our homes must be a priority for the next government – whichever party that may be. All political candidates must commit to making change happen by creating strong, purposeful manifestos that put the planet first.

“Everyone in the industry can show their support and get behind the campaign by signing the open letter. Together, we can make a difference.”

To urge political parties to act now and commit to sustainable policies , Daikin is calling on both the public and industry to sign the open letter at https://www.daikin.co.uk/en_gb/residential/about-us/low-carbon-heating-manifesto.html

This research of 2,000 British-based adults was commissioned by Daikin and conducted via an online survey during May 2024.

Daikin, as one the UK’s most significant providers of sustainable heating and cooling systems, has created its own manifesto as part its drive to support home owners to achieve net zero. They have also published an open letter asking the public and industry to show their support. For the full manifesto from Daikin, and to support the Open Letter, please visit https://www.daikin.co.uk/en_gb/residential/about-us/low-carbon-heating-manifesto.html

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  • All statistics: source: UK voter perspectives research by Prospectus Global, May 2024 (commissioned by Daikin UK