The Heat Training Grant: Installer view 

The Heat Training Grant has helped hundreds of installers get upskilled into heat pumps at a fraction of the cost. Awarding organisation, LCL Awards, is responsible for the qualification behind many of these new heat pump engineers.  

The Heat Training Grant has helped hundreds of installers get upskilled into heat pumps at a fraction of the cost

We caught up with Chris Scramell, who completed his heat pump training with Daikin, one of LCL Awards’ approved centres. Daikin’s National Training Centre is located in Woking Surrey and has trained 85 candidates through the Heat Training Grant. 

Chris has recently undertaken the LCL Awards Level 3 Award in the Installation and Maintenance of Heat Pumps with Daikin. He owns and runs CABM Solutions a plumbing and heating firm based in the Thames Valley and saw the Heat Training Grant as an opportunity to future proof his business.  

“The Heat Training Grant has given me the boost I needed to up-skill and future proof my business“ 

Chris, like many, had faced challenges during COVID and was forced to down-size and let some staff go. Now, in his mid- fifties, he’s re-evaluating his career and looking to diversify. He explains: 

“I’ve been thinking about heat pumps for a while now and have decided to focus on renewables. I’ve come across a lot of badly installed heat pumps lately and it’s frustrating. 

People are being misinformed by installers who aren’t doing things properly and I’d like to help improve the reputation of heat pumps and make sure that people aren’t being ripped off. 

“The £500 grant was instrumental in helping me decide to take the qualification. It’s a decent part of the cost and, as Daikin sorted out my application for it, it was hassle free. I’d been to Daikin for a trial session prior to the course, to familiarise myself with their products and was impressed with what they had to offer.” 

Asking the awkward questions

“Daikin’s standards are incredibly high – in both the manufacture of the kit and the training,” Chris enthuses. “They’re very nice people and believe me, I didn’t give them an easy time. I’m the chap who’s there asking the awkward questions! I’ve been in the heating business for a long time, and I want to be sure I’m making the right choice. 

“The training was great and I’m as excited by the idea of designing systems for people’s houses as much as the installation itself. The course taught me how to calculate the correct size of heat pump for each property, balancing energy efficiency against potential heat loss to determine the correct size of unit.  

They emphasised the importance of making homeowners aware that if they change some of the variables – e.g. fit double glazing or build an extension after their heat pump is installed, the calculation is put out and the system won’t run as it should. I don’t think people understand that. 

“The design side of the business is really interesting. I like problem-solving and as I get older and lose the urge to cart heavy kit around, I would like to focus on designing the systems that younger, fitter members of my team can then install. It means I’ll be able to work for longer. 

“I’m serious about the change I’m making and have invested in other courses to supplement this one – a heat pump design course and an F-Gas qualification so that I can also work with air conditioning units. I feel it’s important to equip myself with the knowledge and experience to help people who live in all sorts of houses make the switch from fossil fuels.” 

Image credit:  Daikin