Ecobat Battery showcases new storage solutions at industry event

Pan European distributor, Ecobat Battery, used the recent Solar & Storage Live event to launch the latest additions to the EcoFlow range of backup power units for houses.

A new battery storage solution displayed against a garage wall with an EV in the foreground

The PowerOcean Single-phase and PowerOcean Three-phase were presented at the inaugural London event which was held at ExCeL London at the end of April.

The original EcoFlow PowerOcean DC Fit was primarily designed as a retrofit solution, but the two new versions are aimed fundamentally as first fit additions to new builds to provide both off-grid security and fiscal benefits as a standard feature.

Designed with domestic in mind

The single-phase version will be the option of choice for domestic settings. With up to 6kW of continuous power, it has the capacity to backup all essential home appliances together, to ensure an uninterrupted power supply until the grid kicks back in, or the solar supply comes back online.

Both variants have a built-in charge controller that seamlessly switches the supply to the ideal source, to maximise performance at all times. It also updates remotely, without interrupting the system or its output.

Fully compliant for home installation, the elegant, modular system can be wall-mounted or free standing, outside or undercover, and with IP65 certification, it is highly resistant to dust and water ingress, even from low pressure water jets.

The EcoFlow App enables installers to not only commission the system quickly and efficiently, but also diagnose and remedy faults remotely. Home owners can also manage the system to ensure maximum power generation and consumption potential, even when away from home.

To ensure the highest level of power security, the system can be backed up with a 4G dongle ESS, which ensures network connectivity should the normal Wi-Fi or ethernet network be interrupted.

Commercial counterpart

More suited to smaller commercial applications, the three-phase version of the PowerOcean solar power storage solution has all the benefits of its single-phase cousin, but with the option of six, eight, 10 or 12kW capacities.

The EcoFlow PowerOcean series is designed around the advanced PowerOcean LFP battery, a high-voltage battery system that is connected in parallel. Users can enjoy the flexibility of starting with a single battery of five kWh, expanding their system at any time. With trusted LFP battery chemistry and fire-preventing safety measures, they deliver unrivalled battery reliability and performance, providing in excess of 6,000 cycles and with a warranty of 15 years.

Image supplied by Ecobat Battery