Seamless solutions for retrofit battery storage 

The production and storage of energy, particularly electrical energy, is of increasing concern to both building developers and environmentally conscious homeowners, but how is it best achieved? 

We spoke with Ecobat to find out more about the Power Ocean DC Fit, the latest power storage product from EcoFlow.

Despite the often windy conditions in the UK and a comparative lack of sunshine compared to our southern European neighbours, in the majority of locations, solar remains the most practical solution for harvesting electrical energy. With ongoing technical development delivering increased efficiency with every new panel being brought to market, it becomes an increasingly attractive option. 

However, for the most efficient system, the storage of energy is equally important as its generation. 

With Its long history, deep understanding of the sector, reputation for quality products, specialist knowledge and diverse product portfolio, Ecobat Battery is the UK’s largest battery supplier offering a wide range of power storage solution in order to deliver the Ecobat mission of ‘Any battery. Anywhere.’ At the forefront of power storage technology, 

EcoFlow is an innovative specialist with a wide range of products that deliver alternative power storage solutions. We spoke with Ecobat to find out more about the Power Ocean DC Fit, the latest product from EcoFlow. 

“The recently launched EcoFlow PowerOcean DC Fit is an excellent option for the domestic new build or renovation environment, as it sits between the solar panels and an existing inverter. This is made possible by its unique coupling technology and means that it can be seamlessly installed without any extra certification and instantly add a power storage capacity to the home, maximising the efficiency of the user’s existing solar system, which can be called upon for instant power, stored for later use or sale back into the national grid.” 

Unparalleled ease of Installation

 “The PowerOcean DC Fit is a modular system available with one, two or three advanced 5kWh LFP battery packs, each of which has an 800V high voltage battery to independently start both single-phase or three-phase solar inverters. With trusted LFP battery chemistry from CATL and a comprehensive range of active and passive safety measures, it delivers unrivalled battery reliability and performance. 

“Utilising EcoFlow’s pioneering self-adaptive control algorithm, the PowerOcean DC Fit solution also smartly mitigates the risk of oscillation between the solar coupled battery system and the third party solar inverter, with up to 15kW solar input bypass power per string. 

“In addition, unlike many other battery solutions on the market, the PowerOcean DC Fit connects its batteries directly to solar ports, and as there is no need to replace the existing solar inverter or change the wiring on the AC side, the entire system is unparalleled in its ease of installation. 

“As well as being quick to install, it can be located inside or outside and features smart monitoring via a web portal or an app, has an integrated battery management system, is equipped with an auto heat module to ensure efficient winter operation and has fire suppression built in. 

“In short, for installation in applications that produce solar energy for domestic consumption and sale to the national grid, the EcoFlow PowerOcean DC Fit is a truly great solution as it enables the effective and efficient storage of excess energy that can be used either for resale or for periods when solar production is not possible.” 

Image credit: Ecoflow