EcoFlow unveils PowerOcean DC Fit at Solar & Storage Live 2023

The unique retrofit battery storage solution offers easier integration and installation, enabling homeowners who have already installed a solar system to connect a power storage solution.

EcoFlow unveils PowerOcean DC Fit at Solar & Storage Live 2023

EcoFlow, a leading provider of eco-friendly energy solutions, is set to unveil its innovative and cost-effective retrofit battery storage solution at the UK’s largest renewable energy exhibition.

Marking EcoFlow’s debut in the UK home solar energy industry, the new, one-of-a-kind PowerOcean DC Fit, that seamlessly integrates battery storage into existing residential solar systems, will be launched in the UK at Solar & Storage Live 2023.

Previously showcased at InterSolar in Germany, the PowerOcean DC Fit was well-received by industry experts and professionals with praise for its PV-coupling technology, unique product positioning, and innovative features.

Easy integration – no need for additional storage inverters

Unlike conventional DC-coupled or AC-coupled battery systems, PowerOcean DC Fit uses EcoFlow’s PV-coupling technology to directly connect with existing home solar energy systems on the PV side – meaning users don’t need to install additional storage inverters. In addition, because of the self-adaptive algorithm, the PowerOcean DC Fit is widely compatible with most solar inverters, so that users don’t have to replace the existing ones.

Easy expansion – storage to suit everyone Beginning at 5kWh per battery pack, the PowerOcean DC Fit is expandable up to 15kWh when needed. Each battery pack has 800V high voltage to independently start single-phase or three-phase inverters, making home energy autonomy more achievable and affordable.

Easy installation – no change to the AC wiring

Using EcoFlow’s unique PV-coupling technology, the PowerOcean DC Fit connects its batteries directly with solar panels. Users can leave the AC wiring as it is and don’t have to apply for an on-grid permit.

The PowerOcean DC Fit features a minimalist stack-up design with click-on battery terminals. These reduce the need for extra wiring work and guarantee ease of installation and use.

Making safety and reliability the priority Besides the incomparably easy installation and system integration, the PowerOcean DC Fit offers an industry-leading 15-year battery warranty.

This is thanks to its trusted LFP battery chemistry and a comprehensive range of active and passive safety measures, including fire-prevention and auto-heating modules.

Each battery pack is connected in parallel and equipped with the EcoFlow BMS (Battery Management System) to prevent any issues with one battery from affecting other packs.

There for local customers and partners, EcoFlow is dedicated to providing professional after-sales support for both business partners and consumers. A 1-to-1 customer hotline and live chat will be available from 8am to 8pm, five days a week – exceeding the industry standard – along with prompt 24-hour email responses.

A dedicated service support team will be available to help clients and customers with queries, as well as a committed local repair and logistics centre. Alongside this, EcoFlow provides abundant training resources and partner trial programmes.

Responding to users

Initially inspired by the proliferation of users retrofitting their homes with solar solutions, EcoFlow began to expand its footprint into home solar storage solutions in 2023 to maximise the potential. The strategic move demonstrates the energy solutions provider’s commitment to providing eco-friendly energy solutions for everyone.

With a vision for a future that mitigates for increasingly common climate disasters, ageing power grids, and rising energy bills, EcoFlow is on a mission to support families with reliable, safe, sustainable and smart energy solutions.

Craig Bilboe, Head of UK Business Development, Residential Storage at EcoFlow, commented: “At EcoFlow, we envision a future where everyone, irrespective of their living conditions or needs, can access reliable power solutions.

“The PowerOcean DC Fit is a firm stride towards it and a landmark in our mission to revolutionise home energy.”

The PowerOcean DC Fit will be available early next year in the UK. Users can enquire and purchase through local installers.