Case Study

A modern heating solution for stunning new builds

The developer of four brand new homes in Boston, Lincolnshire was looking for the right solution to deliver heating and hot water.

New build home with Warmflow Zeno air source heat pump

The considerations led to Warmflow, a manufacturer leading the way in renewable heating with its range of high efficiency home heating appliances.

The luxury homes are 2600 sq. ft with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms; demanding households for both heating and domestic hot water. Fitted with underfloor heating on the ground floor and radiators on the first floor, they are ideally built to benefits from renewable technology in the form of an air source heat pump.

The perfect solution

Working closely with heating engineers Multi Plumb, the developer, S L Developments from Boston, chose state-of-the-art, Warmflow Zeno air source heat pumps as the perfect, modern heating solution.

Once the choice was made, the design team at Warmflow liaised with the installation team at Multi Plumb to ensure the correct sizing of the appliance for the property and to discuss any special installation requirements.

Aesthetics as good as its efficiency

Stephen Garrard, Founder of Multi Plumb, commented: “The service from Warmflow was exceptional. Niel and the team advised us throughout this installation to ensure that our customer was getting the most efficient & reliable heating system for the new homes.

“Warmflow was with us every step of the journey and the numerous on-site support visits, both pre and during installation, were invaluable. The Warmlink remote control technology was a deciding factor in determining which brand of heat pump to use.

 “Not only does the Warmflow Zeno heat pump cover the heat demand of the property efficiently but the fact that we can monitor and control the heat pump remotely is a great additional feature.

“The colour is also great with the anthracite grey colour blending in perfectly to the aesthetics of the property.”

Heating engineers, Multi Plumb, installed each of the AS02 – R32 Warmflow Zeno Air Source Heat Pump units alongside a Warmflow Nero 290ltr Heat Pump cylinder – a pairing that delivers a range of benefits to both the installation engineer and the end user.

Assisted by the Warmflow team, Multi Plumb commissioned each of the units using Warmflow Warmlink technology – a 4g pre-installed modem which allows for remote monitoring, diagnostics and efficient fault finding, enabling the units to be monitored remotely to ensure they are running smoothly.

Warmflow Renewables Sales Manager, NielRumbold commented: “Warmflow is very proud to see our Zeno Air Source Heat Pump installed in such modern, luxury homes, which have been designed with the homeowner in mind.

 This type of heating system suits these homes perfectly, and it was great to see Multiplumb successfully complete their first Warmflow Zeno Air Source Heat Pump installation.”

Warmflow Zeno heat pumps are available in 8kw, 12kw and 20kw modulating outputs and all come with built-in Warmlink technology allowing for remote monitoring and control.

Image credit: Warmflow and SL Developments