State-of-the-art control with Warmflow Warmlink Technology

Take a step towards the future with state-of-the-art control, thanks to Warmflow’s Zeno Air Source Heat Pump control technology – Warmlink.

An app that puts control back in the installer's hands.

Warmlink offers heating engineers the capability to monitor their installed Zeno Air Source Heat Pumps to ensure high efficiency and optimum performance.

The unique app allows heating engineers to get ahead of the curve and spot potential issues at the earliest opportunity. Warmlink allows heating engineers to run diagnostics and check errors without having to attend the unit on site, saving time and money for the engineer and homeowner.

All Warmflow Zeno Air Source units include Warmlink built-in via a 4g pre-installed sim that automatically connects to the cloud-based app. With a simple scan of the unit, the engineer can gain control of the heat pump allowing for monitoring, commissioning and fault finding.

With efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction key to success for heat pumps, the Warmflow Zeno Air Source Heat Pump is a game-changer that not only caters to homeowners’ needs but also offers many benefits for installers. Revolutionising installation and maintenance, the Zeno range is a comprehensive package that empowers installers.

Minimal downtime, maximum profitability

The heat pumps are designed with installer convenience in mind. Featuring a user-friendly design and straightforward installation process, the Zeno series significantly reduces the time and effort required for setup. With easily accessible components and intuitive interfaces including the Warmlink App, installers can efficiently complete installations, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

A durable and reliable product for customers, installers can be confident in enhancing their reputation for delivering superior and professional solutions. With the ability to extract heat even in colder climates, these heat pumps provide a solution suitable for a wide range of environments, expanding the market and installation opportunities.

Warmflow’s emphasis on innovation extends beyond the product. The company provides comprehensive training and support for installers, ensuring they are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively install, maintain, and troubleshoot the Zeno Air Source heat pumps.