New GivEnergy All in One removes DNO approval for instant installation

Following the 2023 launch of its best-selling All in One system, GivEnergy has now released a newly G98 certified version.

GivEnergy launches a newly G98 certified All in One.

The certification means that homeowners can now install the energy storage solution without needing prior permission from the Distribution Network Operators (DNO).  

GivEnergy’s All in One combines a storage battery and inverter in one integrated system. It allows customers to run even large homes on clean, low-cost battery power. (Using stored energy from renewables, and/or the stored off-peak energy via smart tariffs.) Paired with a complementary backup ‘Giv-Gateway’, the solution can also provide whole home backup to protect against power outages.

Previously, the only available version of the All in One could deliver 7.2kW of peak power into the home on top of any solar generation. Paired with its substantial 13.5kWh LiFePO4 battery capacity, this makes the product an energy titan. However, this degree of power also means that would-be customers need to jump through the hoops of G99 certification and DNO approval.

Listening to customers

Now, the newly released All in One 3.6 addresses those hurdles. The All in One 3.6 offers the same high-powered battery pack, but its inbuilt inverter is limited to a smaller output of 3.6kW on-grid. The upshot is instant installations without the red tape.

“We’re incredibly proud to make it easier than ever for customers to access the All in One”, says Dave Roberts, UK MD at GivEnergy. “We listened to the pain points of our customers – and a recurring theme was the required DNO approval for the All in One. Customers wanted a high-powered product with substantial capacity, but were stalled by an often lengthy regulatory permissions process.

“The All in One 3.6 has been designed to fix this pain point. It still provides the same capacity as the standard version, still comes with its 12-year warranty and IP65 rating, and is still available to buy for a highly competitive price. But with a reined in nominal output, the product can be fitted by any approved installer without any delay.”

As well as offering more flexibility when it comes to red tape, the All in One 3.6 is also flexible regarding its installation. The product can be installed in areas with grid limitations. Plus, when used off-grid, it can even output 6.0kW peak power. (For 3.6kW continuous peak power on-grid, and 6.0kW continuous peak power off-grid.)

“Ultimately, our mission is to empower energy freedom for all,” adds Dave. “We want to make that journey to energy freedom as flexible, as accessible, and as straightforward as possible. And that’s just what we’re aiming by adding the G98 certified All in One 3.6 to our product line.”