GivEnergy launches 3-phase electricity storage line 

As the UK power landscape shifts, GivEnergy has announced the launch of a new 3-phase energy storage system.

As the UK power landscape evolves, GivEnergy introduces a new 3-phase energy storage system, paving the way for energy independence and enhanced domestic efficiency.

With this 3-phase line, GivEnergy aims to help customers future-proof their energy independence while fast-tracking domestic energy efficiency. 

Previously, GivEnergy’s energy storage technology used a single-phase configuration only. The new 3-phase hybrid line will serve three key purposes. First, it will allow smaller businesses and larger households to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint – without committing to a full commercial battery storage setup. Second, it will support the company’s global growth. Third, the range will help futureproof more homes with higher efficiency and power capacity, in answer to our shifting energy needs. 

Dave Roberts, UK MD at GivEnergy, comments: “It’s incredibly exciting to launch our new line of 3-phase products. There is currently a growing ‘middle market’ gap – that is, people who need more than a single-phase domestic battery system but less than a large-scale commercial system. Our new 3-phase range is designed for this often overlooked market. Everyone should have access to green, affordable energy.” 

“Plus, it is often swept under the carpet that most UK homes run off a single-phase supply with one fuse. This supply is a pre-WWII electrical standard – based on a time when lights represented the main household load. Today, our homes must give us the energy to run vastly heavier loads. And with future demands like powering vehicles, upscaling renewables, and even providing energy flexibility services to other homes – the call for an upgraded 3-phase supply in the UK is growing.” 

Optimum energy management

GivEnergy’s new line of 3-phase inverters includes four different models: 6kW, 8kW, 10kW, and 11kW. In hybrid models, each inverter is a battery inverter and solar inverter in one unit. They can switch between on-grid and off-grid modes based on solar panels or battery energy availability. In turn, this allows for optimum energy management. 

The 3-phase inverters work seamlessly with GivEnergy’s new high-voltage stackable battery, offering 10-20kWh of usable energy. The 3-phase stackable battery is built with ease of expansion in mind. Customers can ‘stack’ additional battery units to their system, providing a scalable and fully customisable energy storage solution. 

“This new GivEnergy range – comprising our 3-phase inverter line and the stackable battery – represents another leap forward in the flexibility we’re bringing to the energy storage solution space”, adds Roberts. 

“We’re seeing a growing appetite for energy independence and sustainable living amongst billpayers. At the same time, the government is keen to fast-track the UK’s low-carbon transition. So, by providing solutions that meet the call for a 3-phase supply, we can help more households futureproof by scaling up their solar and storage setup, plus enjoy faster home EV charging.” 

Clean power

The launch of the GivEnergy 3-phase line in the UK follows a successful launch in Europe. Jason Howlett, group CEO at GivEnergy, comments: “As well as helping to serve a growing UK market, the 3-phase products also represent an exciting step in our European expansion. The 3-phase hybrid inverters and stackable battery are already helping us take clean energy solutions into Europe and other countries with a 3-phase grid. Now, we are thrilled to be rolling out to the UK.” 

“Ultimately, we’re committed to delivering solutions that help cleanly power any kind of property, anywhere in the world. These new products are the latest reflection of that commitment.”