Midsummer and Solarport collaborate to advance innovative solar mounting solutions

Midsummer, a Cambridge-based distributor of renewable energy systems, is partnering with UK-based Solarport to provide an integrated solar solution.

Industry partnership delivers unique offering for solar ground mounts.

The partnership combines Midsummer’s cutting-edge Easy PV software with Solarport’s innovative solar mounting systems to deliver a solution that is set to transform the way we harness solar energy.

Midsummer’s Easy PV software is well-known for its intuitive and user-friendly design, making it an indispensable tool for solar industry professionals, installers, and homeowners. With Easy PV, users can design and simulate solar panel installations with precision and efficiency, helping to predict energy yields and optimise system efficiency, giving customers a clear understanding of their solar investment.  

By joining forces, Midsummer and Solarport aim to further accelerate the adoption of solar energy by providing industry professionals and homeowners with the tools they need to harness the full potential of solar power.

Seamlessly integrating Midsummer’s Easy PV software with Solarport’s cutting edge technology gives customers access to perfectly calibrated, site-specific projects. The easy to install Modular ground mount system has been engineered for commercial and domestic sites, held in stock for rapid distribution, and can utilise multiple foundation options, ensuring that almost no terrain is off limits!

Peter Bechervaise, Head of Modular PV, Solarport, and Gus Pitfield, Commercial Sales Manager, Midsummer Energy

Gus Pitfield, Midsummer’s Commercial Sales Manager said: “Our Easy PV software has always been about empowering individuals and businesses to harness the sun’s power. Through this collaboration, we’re taking another significant step towards a brighter, more sustainable future.”

The partnership is also an exciting one for Solarport, Peter Bechervaise, Solarport’s Head of Modular PV, explains: “We believe in the power of design and sustainability and are excited to be partnering with Midsummer and Easy-PV. Combining the design capabilities of Easy-PV with the quality and versatility of our Modular system creates a unique offering for commercial and domestic ground mounts.”