Helios partners with Midsummer to provide an integrated solution for installers

The already rapidly increasing demand for solar PV and heat pump installations is set to surge further in the coming years, as homeowners and business owners look to generate their own electricity, manage their energy costs and lower their carbon footprint.

Screens showing Helios and Midsummer integrated solutions

In anticipation of this trend, end-to-end renewable installation platform provider Helios has collaborated with Midsummer, a leading provider of design solutions, to introduce an innovative integrated platform for renewable installers.

The partnership between Helios and Midsummer aims to streamline the installation process for solar and heat pump solutions. By integrating Midsummer’s solar design solution, Easy PV, and Heat Pump solution, Heat Punk, Helios will provide installers with an end-to-end solution to manage customer relationships, designs, and installations from a single platform.

This innovative approach will enable installers to efficiently handle multiple renewable solutions, including PV, EV, Battery, and Heat Pumps, from a centralised system. With this integration, installers no longer need to duplicate data or rekey information, saving both time and resources. The electronic exchange and storage of compliance-related information and documents within Helios will reinforce adherence to MCS standards.

Stronger together

Dr Andy Rankin, Founder and Managing Director of Midsummer said: ‘We are excited about opening up our design solutions to integrate with Helios. This allows users to marry the ease of design of heat pumps and solar PV systems with Helios, an end to end application that enables installers to manage all other aspects of the sales and installation journey.

“Together we are stronger, and alongside the new features that we are releasing in Heat Punk and Easy PV at the Installer Show we’re making installation design and management simple, streamlined and powerful.”

Jay Parekh, Director of Helios, also commented on the significance of the integration, saying: “This partnership is a game-changer for installers, as it seamlessly integrates CRM, project management, and QMS capabilities, all supported by the design and inventory expertise of Midsummer.”

Image supplied by Helios