Four tips for delegating responsibility and getting the relaxing holiday you need 

The holiday season might be here, but it’s a huge challenge for many business owners in the industry to delegate responsibilities and get the well-deserved break they often desperately need.

Fergus provides five tips for construction business owners to delegate effectively and enjoy a relaxing holiday: ensure stand-ins understand admin systems, use job progress monitoring, manage invoicing, control inventory, and utilise remote monitoring. 

Fergus has put together four essential tips to help trade business owners get the holiday they deserve – and which is essential for their wellbeing. 

“The key to having a relaxing break is not to leave everything to chance,” explains James Chillman, UK country manager for Fergus.

“Take proactive steps and, whenever possible, delegate tasks without delay. Embrace the assistance of job management software like Fergus, which plays a significant role in efficient planning and keeping your business running smoothly, while you enjoy your well-deserved holiday.

“When you finally unwind with your loved ones and get the relaxing holiday you’ve worked so hard for, you’ll realise the preparation was all worthwhile.” 

Tip 1: Ensure your stand-in is up to speed with your admin systems  

When entrusting your business to someone else during your holiday, choosing a reliable and capable individual is vital. Look for an experienced, responsible and knowledgeable team member about your company’s processes. Ensure they have access to your business administration systems. If you run specific software, you can quickly familiarise them with its features, making it easier for them to take charge and keep everything running smoothly. 

Tip 2: Use job progress monitoring to stay on track 

The person you put in charge needs oversight of the jobs that may still be running while you are away. Set up a real-time progress tracker so your designated leader can keep track of all ongoing jobs, view assigned tasks and check job status. This level of transparency enables them to address any issues promptly, ensuring that projects stay on track even in your absence. This will be more time-consuming if you’re still paper-based as a business. 

Tip 3: Don’t forget to keep invoicing!  

Leaving invoicing tasks in capable hands is crucial to maintain a steady cash flow. Integrate your accountancy software, like Xero, with Fergus, to simplify the invoicing process, making it effortless for your stand-in manager to generate and send invoices to clients. The system allows them to customise invoices, attach relevant documents and keep an eye on payments, so you have efficient financial management even while you’re away. 

Tip 4: Keep on top of inventory management  

Running out of essential materials during your holiday can cause project delays and headaches. Ensure your appointed team member can check stock levels, reorder materials and track deliveries. That way, your business can avoid unnecessary hiccups and continue projects without disruption.