Envirolec Smart Energy Solutions installer interview 

No other industry will have bigger impact 

London-based Envirolec Smart Energy Solutions is passionate about, and committed to, delivering sustainable cost- effective solutions, whilst reducing carbon emissions. It was set up in 2015, by two directors, Chris Hunter (operations director) and Dan Wills (commercial director) who shared a passion for the environment and sustainability, and wanted to provide a comprehensive solution – from planning and concept to design, install and implementation, right through to commissioning and aftercare. 

Envirolec Smart Energy Solutions is passionate about delivering sustainable cost- effective solutions, whilst reducing carbon emissions.

How has the business changed/ evolved since then? 

The business has seen an exponential growth pattern over the last 12 months, with the need to recruit more local people to meet the needs of our clients. For the first time this year, Envirolec Smart Energy Solutions is taking on two electrical apprentices, who will be trained in solar PV electrics alongside domestic installs. We recognise that by investing in fresh talent, we can improve productivity, nurture, and pass on our knowledge and gain competent, knowledgeable, professional and skilled individuals who work with us to cater to our business needs. 

What are your main service offers/ areas of business? 

We provide renewable energy solutions to the UK’s leading house builders and prominent construction companies, home, and business owners. With over 70 years of combined industry experience, we specialise in helping to reduce carbon reduction targets whilst saving money, providing a single provider for sustainable technology needs. 

We are committed to supporting our clients to future proof developments and meet the increased demands towards net-zero. 

Facts and figures 

  • We have installed PV Solar panels on over 500 commercial projects 
  • We have installed over 2,500 electric vehicle charging stations 
  • We can provide 80% energy cost savings 
  • We have installed PV solar panels on over 250,000 new build properties 
  • We currently have 28 staff and are looking to grow our design, project and install teams over the next 12 months 

What are your goals for the business for the next few years?

To continue to be the sustainable partner of choice to our current client/ customer base and future clients/customers. We need to manage our ambitions and targets across residential, commercial, and roof-top systems recognising the pace at which this is happening.  

Our growth plans are to take advantage of the current market position but realising we are working in a relatively young industry which does not manufacture its own products (in a cost-effective manner) therefore relying on mainly Asian supply, raw material price volatility and shipping costs. 

What’s your view of the renewable energy landscape as it stands? 

We believe that at this exact moment no other industry will have a bigger impact on how we move forward, as people start to harness our natural resources and shape the future away from fossil fuels. 

After many years at the forefront of this exciting industry, we can’t see anything that will change that. In that time, we’ve seen game-changing innovation and breathtaking new technologies change the face of sustainability and a collective aspiration for smarter working and living environments. 

What do you think are the main challenges for your business/the renewable industry at the moment? 

As a fairly young industry, we are having to fight globally to secure modules/panels made in China. The demand outstrips the supply in the absence of government hand-outs and goes against a sustainable supply chain. 

Finding and securing suitable, locally qualified employees. 

Keeping up with fast-paced technology changes and training our employees accordingly. 

What are the main opportunities for your business/the renewable industry at the moment? 

The global climate crisis calls for urgent action to reduce carbon emissions and transition towards cleaner, renewable energy sources. Adopting solar PV systems plays an essential role in this transition as households and businesses work towards achieving net- zero carbon emissions goals. 

Envirolec Smart Energy Solutions recognises that solar PV systems can be integrated with other cutting-edge technologies to optimise energy consumption, enhance efficiency, and support the pursuit of net-zero carbon emissions. We are committed to training our workforce to enhance their skills base in fitting battery storage systems, EV charging points and connectivity to smart grid and microgrids. 

Battery storage systems: 

By combining solar PV installations with advanced battery storage solutions, homeowners and businesses can store excess solar-generated electricity and use it during periods of low sunlight or during peak energy demand times. This further reduces reliance on grid electricity and enhances the overall effectiveness of solar PV systems. 

Electric vehicles (EV):  

The increasing adoption of electric vehicles presents another opportunity to leverage solar PV systems effectively. Charging electric vehicles using solar-generated electricity not only reduces transportation-related carbon emissions but also contributes to a broader sustainability strategy. 

Smart grids and microgrids: 

Solar PV systems can be integrated with smart grids and microgrids, allowing for efficient energy management and contributing to grid stability. These interconnected systems help local communities and businesses reduce overall energy consumption, carbon emissions and energy costs while increasing their resilience and adaptability to future energy challenges. 

Do you agree with the Government’s net zero strategy? 

The transition to net zero is well underway, but it is not happening fast enough. Growth in key climate technologies, including wind and solar power and electric vehicles, has helped accelerate decarbonisation efforts worldwide. The pace of scaling these technologies has not kept up with projections for a warming planet. We need a significant acceleration to meet net-zero targets. 

Do you have any particular ideas for advancing the net zero agenda? 

Part L of the building regulations aims to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of new and existing buildings in the UK, but local, new build sites are often being built with no or little solar PV installation. It would benefit the renewable market to help reach net zero targets if local government and councils used local businesses to tender for work rather than just meeting cost efficiencies. 

Highlight a business achievement, project or case study you’re particularly proud of  

Envirolec has had the privilege of participating in numerous innovative smart energy projects but, in January 2024, we reached a significant milestone. We were honoured to secure a smart energy scheme alongside The Hill Group, focusing on solar and battery storage for a groundbreaking zero bills decarbonisation initiative. 

This cutting-edge technology will complement an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) to achieve the ambitious goal of eliminating energy bills throughout the entire development. Leveraging Octopus Energy’s intelligent platform ‘Kraken’, which can optimise home energy systems to achieve zero bills over 12 months. This involves tailoring the system around customer controls and preferences, managing solar and battery systems within  the home, and overseeing the heat pump’s operations. 

By incorporating data from weather forecasts and dynamically responding to market conditions, the system will offer flexibility services to the grid. Not only does this initiative contribute to a greener future, but it also enhances property value and marketability. 

Zero Bills Homes not only fetch higher prices but also sell faster than their bill-bearing counterparts. 

We are proud to be at the forefront of this transformative project, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable solutions and driving positive change in the energy sector. 

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