Newly unveiled heat pump is one of the quietest on the market

Unveiled at the recent InstallerSHOW, Ideal Heating’s monobloc heat pump, Logic Air, has been awarded a global rating that recognises the quietest central heating products.

New air source heat pump is recognised as best in class for quiet performance.

The Quiet Mark certification is official recognition that the Logic Air is best-in-class for its quiet performance and minimal background noise – an attribute that is coming under increasing scrutiny.

Andy Farquhar, senior product manager (Heat Pumps) at Ideal Heating, said: “Achieving Quiet Mark certification formally recognises Logic Air as being one of the best products on the market when it comes to noise levels.

“When we were designing Logic Air, acoustic performance was something which was really important to us. We want customers to enjoy all the benefits of Logic Air without any of the annoyance which can be caused by a noisy product.

“This Quiet Mark award is a reassurance for customers that they’re investing in a quality heat pump which produces minimal noise levels.”

Quiet Mark sees products tested in purpose-built laboratory conditions with the certification awarded to the top 10-20 per cent of the best-performing products within each category.

An established heritage

Logic Air has now become the latest Ideal Heating product to receive the certification, joining the company’s Logic Max Combi Boiler, Logic Max Heat Boiler and Logic Max System Boiler.

Ideal Heating first launched Logic Air, the company’s first monobloc air-source heat pump specially designed for the UK market, in April.

The heat pump has a heating capacity of 8.2 kW or 10.3 kW, measures 1,095 mm x 518 mm x 1,008 mm, and weighs 110 kg. It is designed for new build and retrofit installations, working with both radiator and underfloor heating systems. The heat pump can also be paired with rooftop PV to maximize self-consumption.

The coefficient of performance (COP) is up to 5.19 for the 8.2 kW model and up to 4.9 for the 10.3 kW model, according to the company’s datasheet. The heat pump produces domestic hot water up to 55 C. Its seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) for heating water to 35 C varies between 5.16 and 5.19, while the SCOP for 55 C applications varies from 3.7 to 3.73.

The Logic Air is also built with an A+++ ErP rating produces noise at 55 db(A) – the equivalent of a normal conversation between two people. The new device uses R32 as the refrigerant with a charge of 1.47 kg and has a global warming potential (GWP) of 675.

Commenting on the recent unveiling, Mr Farquhar said: “Feedback from customers who have seen Logic Air on its recent launch roadshow, or at InstallerSHOW, has been overwhelmingly positive.”