Baxi launches ASHP installer training 

Baxi has introduced a new series of training courses aimed at heating engineers and installers, designed to provide them with essential knowledge and skills for working with air source heat pump (ASHP) technology. ASHPs have been gaining popularity as energy-efficient heating solutions. 

Baxi introduces new training courses for heating engineers and installers, focusing on air source heat pump (ASHP) technology. 

The training courses Baxi offers cover various topics, catering to installers of varying experience levels. These courses are available at Baxi’s network of training centres across the UK and include practical, hands-on sessions conducted by accredited experts. 

For those new to ASHP technology, the ASHP product day provides insights into heat pump principles, Baxi’s product range, installation considerations, and information about relevant policies and grants. 

For installers seeking Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accreditation, Baxi offers an accredited ASHP course, covering the design, installation, commissioning, and servicing of ASHP systems.

This course also includes water regulation training for those without the qualification. Successful completion results in a nationally recognised BPEC qualification, demonstrating competence in heat pump installation for MCS applications. 

In-depth knowledge and practical skills

Applicants for BPEC courses can benefit from the government’s Heat Training Grant, which provides financial support of up to £500 for training costs. Additionally, participants can earn £1,000 worth of Baxi Works loyalty points by registering their first Baxi air source heat pump (ASHP) through the scheme. 

Experienced installers with existing BPEC accreditation or recognised heat pump qualifications can enrol in the Baxi heat pump installer training. This modular course offers in-depth knowledge and practical skills in two parts: one focusing on design and application and the other on installing and commissioning Baxi ASHP products and accessories. Upon course completion, Baxi provides a complimentary commissioning supervision service to offer support during initial installations. 

Once installers are confident with installations and have conducted satisfactory commissioning checks, they can become Baxi heat pump installers, offering enhanced warranty benefits and installation points through the Baxi Works loyalty scheme. 

Equipping heating professionals with expertise

These training courses aim to equip heating professionals with the necessary expertise to meet the rising demand for energy-efficient heating solutions in the UK, aligning with the shift towards sustainable technologies in the industry. 

Luke Nicholls, director at Renew East, who took part in a Baxi ASHP product day course, has installed many ASHPs over the years.  

He said: “The training that Baxi provided, even as an experienced air source heat pump engineer, was great. The tutors really knew their stuff and the product. They made us feel really comfortable with the product before it arrived on site. My advice to any installer looking to get into air source heat pumps is get yourself on a training course.” 

Harriet Evans, renewables director at Baxi, said: “We are so pleased to be able to bring our full suite of tried and tested heat pump training to installers across the UK. At Baxi, we are always committed to being a trusted partner to installers, and part of this is ensuring we are fully supporting them every step of the way in the transition to heat pumps.