Warmflow expands home heating intelligence

The Warmflow Zeno inverter-driven air source heat pump range is an intelligent and advanced heating system, which only requires electricity and water connections.  

Warmflow expands intelligent home heating range.

The unit can be situated discreetly outside homes and in gardens. The Zeno air source heat pump has an ErP A++ rating helping homeowners to reduce their annual home heating bills whilst being environmentally friendly. 

The Zeno range includes a number of market-leading components including a Panasonic inverter-driven compressor and a Grundfos circulating pump. The range comes with features including easy to use touch screen controller and a simple wiring centre which could help to reduce installation time.  

Consisting of three single-phase models – 8kW, 12kW and 20kW – the Zeno heat pumps cost-effectively and efficiently provide heating and hot water for properties. Each unit comes in a no maintenance, weatherproof, anthracite grey casing with a range of accessories included as standard. These accessories include a heated drip tray, Y strainer, flexi hoses, isolating valves plus additional fittings to ensure ease and speed of installation.

Extending the operational life of the unit 

Featuring a unique ‘tube in shell’ heat exchanger, which provides efficient heat transfer whilst allowing maximum lubrication of the refrigerant circuit ensuring maximum efficiency and extending the operational life of the unit. 

The Warmflow Zeno heat pumps operate at high efficiencies even when the external temperatures are low, making for a cost-effective renewable alternative to traditional off-gas heating methods. Monobloc in design, the Zeno range of heat pumps is suitable for use with S-Plan and Y-Plan heating control systems and is simple to work with for installation and maintenance.   

The units also include a number of energy and money-saving features including an ‘intelligent defrost method’, which calculates the best time to perform a defrost and the most efficient way to do it.  In addition, the units feature a ‘quiet operation mode,’ which further reduces the noise of the units leading to an almost silent operation.  

Remotely review error 

This quiet operation mode is programmable and can be set at certain times of the day when lower noise is required with all units acquiring the Quiet Mark accreditation.  

Warmflow’s Warmlink allows users to control and monitor their Warmflow Zeno air heat pumps remotely or from the comfort of their sofa via their smartphone, tablet or PC. In the unlikely event of a fault, engineers will be able to remotely review error codes allowing for more efficient diagnosis and speedy response ensuring maximum running time.