Installers support Worcester Bosch’s carbon-reducing hero campaign

Installers across the UK are championing a new campaign by Worcestor Bosch to provide homeowners the support and confidence to make greener choices when it comes to home heating to become carbon reducing heroes.

Green energy heroes campaign

The sustainability campaign features across TV and online, and looks to educate and inspire homeowners to become green heroes by making a switch to greener home heating. 

Research reveals that 71% of us worry about climate change every day. But, while in reality there are lots of ways we can make a difference, knowing how to do so is often a real difficulty. 

Installers and consumers can now access a new dedicated area on the Bosch website, which is packed with tips, FAQs and myth-busters that detail how we can all make small changes and become carbon reducing Heroes in minutes. 

A TV advertising campaign, running for four weeks across November for UK viewers, will also highlight Bosch’s green technologies and how consumers can make sustainable changes in their own homes. 

One of the biggest changes consumers can make in the fight against climate change is in their home’s heating setup. By choosing to make the switch to a newer, more efficient boiler, they will have taken the first big step to heat their home more sustainably, as well as future-proofing their home for emerging greener technologies. 

Are you a Green Hero Installer?  

  • Join the commitment – Are you committed to a greener future? Read through Worcester Bosch’s commitment to become one of a nation of carbon-reducing heroes. 
  • Get your green Hero Installer pack – Order your installer pack from the website and free green heating hero t-shirt. 
  • Share the campaign – On the Worcester Bosch website you’ll find a whole host of guidance and advice on how you can use the campaign alongside your own business. Share the campaign and become the face of green heating in your area. 
  • Help your customers with energy saving advice  – Within your installer pack you’ll find some handy one pagers to give to customers who want to learn more. 

Victoria Billings, director of marketing, comments: “We are fully focused on warming people’s lives and securing a sustainable future for the nation. I encourage all consumers to visit our dedicated website and take a look at how you can make changes to reduce your carbon footprint. 

“On average, over half of our annual household energy bills come from heating our homes. Recycling, changing your eating habits, fitting LED light bulbs and opting for greener heating solutions are just some of the many ways you can live more sustainably and are all changes that can make the world of difference.”