Pump it up with Worcester Bosch’s Compress 5800i AW range

Worcester Bosch is inviting homeowners to step into the future of heat pump technology through its 5800i AW range.

Delivering the future of home heating

Described as ‘embracing modern design, green heating, and easy installation’ the range is seen by Worcester Bosch as a new era in which home heating ‘excels better than ever before’.

There is a growing desire to become more energy efficient and contribute to creating a more sustainable future in support of the country’s ambition for net zero emissions by 2050. All of us have a part to play in reducing our own carbon footprints and the nation’s homes are a good place to start; 22% of the UK’s carbon emissions coming from homes with 15% via home heating.

The future of home heating

This makes the home the perfect place to take steps towards building a sustainable future. Transitioning to a heat pump can simultaneously reduce carbon emissions and lower heating bills. The Compress 5800i AW range is designed to support customers on this path of home decarbonisation.

The all-new Compress 5800i AW range presents a complete system solution tailored specifically for UK installers. Delivering exceptional performance, the heat pump is even more compact and ultra-quiet. Not only is it visually appealing but it also sets a new standard as the optimal choice, making it simpler than ever to introduce responsible heating solutions to your customers.

Compress 5800i AW range

The 5800i AW range, including the outdoor unit, pre-plumbed cylinder and wall hung unit, have been carefully designed to represent the next era of home heating – one in which everything looks, sounds and heats better than ever before.

There are still many homeowners unsure about what sort of heating technology suits their specific living conditions, and whether they are even able to support a heat pump system in their homes. The Compress 5800i AW range has been designed to be suitable for new build and renovation projects alike, enabling all homes to be brough ‘into the future’.

An outstanding, easy to install outdoor unit

Each one of the three components that makes up the range is at the forefront of heat pump innovation.

The outdoor unit has been designed specifically to be ultra quiet and unintrusive. It has an integrated sound diffuser which minimises all noise emissions, as attested to by its Quiet Mark certification. Indeed, this is Worcester Bosch’s quietest outdoor unit ever.

With a monobloc design, the key heat pump components are all contained in the outdoor unit allowing for quick and easy installation, whilst the more compact & sleek design means minimal disruption and easy siting for your customers.

The modern look truly gives the sense of a whole new world of heating- and of course, the unit offers the usual high efficiency and performance that installers have come to expect with Worcester Bosch products, reaching flow temperatures of up to 75°C. This is truly a compact heat pump with a lot of heart.

A plug and play pre-plumbed cylinder

With the use of pre-plumbed cylinders increasing, the pre-plumbed cylinder is another key part of the Compress 5800i AW range. Many homeowners may be unsure about how they should really be using them, and installers have a vital role to play by sharing their expertise, a process aided by the Compress 5800i AW pre-plumbed cylinder.

The cylinder has been designed to be as installer friendly as possible, with Worcester Bosch focussing on flexibility, utility and sustainability in their design process- a complete ‘plug and play’ indoor solution.

The all-in-one pre-plumbed cylinder is easy and fast to install, with a fully integrated micro-buffer, diverter valves, pumps and back-up heater (which provides a fail-safe backup for customers when the colder seasons arrive).

There is also a wide range of cylinder volume options, allowing for complete flexibility for your customers and enabling the right choice to be made whether they live in a new-build or a renovation project.

Perhaps most excitingly, though, is the fact that the technology is completely inter-connected within the home. The cylinder can be remotely controlled and monitored through the Bosch HomeCom Easy app, so you can empower customers to take their home heating into their own hands – literally.

Empowering customers with an intuitive wall-hung unit

The Compress 5800i AW wall-hung unit completes the set, with a design centred around flexibility and accessibility.

Specifically crafted to be installer-friendly, this compact structure is compatible with third-party cylinders and components. Moreover, when it comes to both servicing and installation, it’s simply a case of removing screws to get straight to the control box and other main controls.

The unit also comes with a high-quality, intuitive, colour display, which makes day-to-day operations easy for your customers. With Connect Key K30 connectivity built in, the system links seamlessly to the Bosch HomeCom app. As an installer, you’ll be able to empower anyone within the home to become a heating champion, bringing the future of home heating right to your fingertips.

Assured by genuine sustainability

Engineered in the UK, this range delivers the conscientious heating solutions that conscious consumers crave. Through the usage of R290 refrigerant, the outdoor unit holds a global warming potential score of only 3, assuring your customers that, in choosing the Compress 5800i AW products for their homes, they are also choosing to help build a more sustainable world.

This is your chance to empower clients, as you guide them toward minimising their carbon footprints and beginning their sustainable heating journeys.  

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