Net zero is a hot topic at InstallerSHOW

After a postponement of almost 16 months, InstallerSHOW will finally open its doors at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry from 28th – 30th September.

The UK plumbing and heating industry’s leading trade show will feature over 150 of the UK’s leading heating, plumbing and electrical manufacturers, including a whole range of renewable stakeholders.

While there is no shortage of things for installers to discuss and debate, there is no doubt that net zero, and what it means for the industry, will be one of the main talking points during the show.  

“Net zero targets will certainly be driving changes within the UK heating industry, and those are unlikely to change,” said InstallerSHOW managing director, Eoin McManus.

“How our industry addresses these requirements and what products need to be brought to market to achieve them are key issues for the UK heating and plumbing industry – and ones that InstallerSHOW can play a big part in promoting.”

InstallerSHOW brings manufacturers and installers together to chart the way forward.  Whatever the future of heat, key manufacturers at InstallerSHOW will be on hand to help installers futureproof themselves and their businesses.

Each day, industry experts come together at InstallerSHOW to debate key industry issues. This year, two sessions will look specifically at net zero – one looking at the here and now and another looking at the future of heat.

“There’s no time to waste in terms of getting up to speed with what is likely to happen to the heating industry over the next few years,” said Eoin McManus.

“A visit to InstallerSHOW to find out what’s what from the people who are developing the ideas and products for the future is a must for all future-thinking installers.

InstallerSHOW – Ricoh Arena, Coventry, 28th-30th September – is free to attend. For more information and to register for free tickets, visit: installershow.com