Unveiling the highlights: an exclusive preview of InstallerSHOW 2023 

As the countdown begins to InstallerSHOW 2023, from 27th to 29th June at NEC Birmingham, we are pleased to present an exclusive interview with Joe Sharpe, head of content for Installer.

Unveiling the highlights: an exclusive preview of InstallerSHOW 2024

Joe offers valuable insights and a preview of what attendees can expect at this year’s biggest-ever industry event.  

The spotlight of this year’s event is set firmly on the rapid acceleration of the renewables industry, with a particular emphasis on the explosive growth in solar and energy storage technologies, the surge in heat pump demand and EV charging to create smarter and more efficient homes. 

With an array of more than ten live content areas, InstallerSHOW 2023 is set to be an insightful and jam-packed event offering a wealth of experiences and learning opportunities. 

What can we expect to see at this year’s event, and how has it grown over the years? 

“InstallerSHOW is the UK’s largest event for heat, water, air and energy technology professionals, heading to the NEC on 27-29 June 2023. The event debuted at the NEC Birmingham last year after outgrowing the Ricoh Arena Coventry, where it has been hosted annually since 2015. 

Bigger than ever, with more than 500 exhibitors 

“This year, InstallerSHOW will be bigger than ever, filling up Hall 5 of the NEC, which is the largest exhibition hall in the UK. The event will welcome over 10,000 visitors and 500 exhibitors, letting you get hands-on with the latest products on the market, take part in training sessions, find out more about the latest updates and trends, get your technical questions answered by the experts, and take products away at special show-only prices.” 

What key changes can attendees expect at this year’s event compared to last year’s? 

“The renewables industry is accelerating rapidly. 2022 was a record year for heat pump installations, according to the MCS dashboard, and we’re seeing a solar and storage boom as consumers look to protect themselves against rising energy costs. 

“This will be a core theme of 2023 with more diversity in the products that will deliver net zero solutions. It’s not just talking about the heat source either; it’s looking at the whole system, from design to the hydronics, and the connected products. Expect more EV charging companies, a big focus on solar and storage, and the solutions to link these products together with emerging energy tariffs to create smarter and more efficient homes.” 

How does InstallerSHOW cater to the varied needs of installers working with conventional heating, water, and air technologies while also addressing the needs of those specialising in low carbon and renewable solutions? 

“I think the short answer is; they are the same people. Currently, the heat source of choice for UK homes is gas boilers, but no matter what the heat source, it basically comes down to moving water through a system.  

“Whether you’re a boiler installer, renewables engineer, plumber or electrician, there is a big need for your services now to make systems more efficient and futureproofed. You will see this reflected in the types of products on offer by the exhibitors at InstallerSHOW.  

“Many traditional boiler manufacturers have launched heat pumps, component manufacturers have products that work on heat pumps and traditional boiler systems, and new, potentially disruptive technology is entering the market.  

Unique opportunity for installers 

“All of this technology will be under one roof at the NEC, so it’s a unique opportunity to get a view of what products are available, how they work with one another, and what you can add to your individual business.” 

How does InstallerSHOW contribute to nurturing innovation and the uptake of low carbon and renewable technologies within the installation industry? 

“InstallerSHOW is actively working with a range of partners to support the adoption of low-carbon technology. Training sessions on Heat Loss Calculations, heat pumps, and more will be run daily at the InstallerTRAINING Theatre.  

“The InstallerPLAZA will host a range of debates, discussions and interviews on the latest renewables updates. There will be interactive demonstrations about how to work with this technology on the ‘Installing the Future. NOW!’ area.  

“And for those working in specification and on larger projects, elemental’s Decarbonising Buildings Theatre and Elemental Housing Hub will focus on the role of renewables in light-commercial and commercial applications.  

Novel solutions to transform the heat pump market 

“The UK Government’s Heat Pump Ready programme will also be an event partner this year. Heat Pump Ready is a major innovation programme funded through the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP), which is delivered by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero.  

“The programme is supporting the development of novel solutions to transform the market for heat pumps in the UK, with many of the projects in the spotlight at InstallerSHOW.” 

Are there any specific sessions or seminars at this year’s conference that you believe attendees shouldn’t miss? 

“Installer SHOW will host a comprehensive schedule of unrivalled live content. For the domestic engineer, I would definitely advise looking at the Heat Loss Masterclass and OFTEC’s new heat pump training on the InstallerTRAINING Theatre.  

“The BetaTalk Live Podcast, heat pump debate and ‘Drayton Installer Forum LIVE: We need change NOW’, will also be well worth a look.  

“The Net Zero by Design area in association with BEAMA will host sessions on a wide range of low carbon tech from heat pumps, ventilation, EV charging and more.  

“And the elemental theatres are packed with unmissable sessions, including a keynote by Gary Neville hosted by Lucy Siegle on the importance of good quality affordable housing, sessions on the case for mandatory solar, energy generation for local authorities, and more.” 

What advice would you give first-time attendees to ensure they get the most out of the InstallerSHOW experience? 

“My advice would be to plan your visit. Entry passes are free, and there is free parking at the NEC for InstallerSHOW visitors; plus, Birmingham Airport and Birmingham International train station make getting there very simple.  

“The event runs for three days, and many of our visitors visit on multiple days, so make sure you set enough time aside to pack in everything you need to do. Our website and show app will make it easy to get around and find the exhibitors and theatres you’re looking for.  

Plan your visit, make time for some networking and choose comfy shoes! 

“Also, make time for some networking and fun. It is a very interactive show with lots to get involved in, so although it’s work, you will have a good time. And comfy shoes. Always comfy shoes.” 

How do you envision the future of the InstallerSHOW, and are there any plans for expanding the event or adding new features in the coming years? 

“That is a great question. We have big plans for 2024 with an exciting announcement. We can’t share details just yet, but keep your eyes peeled for the big reveal.” 

What message would you like to send to installers and specifiers about the importance of attending InstallerSHOW and staying ahead of the curve in this rapidly changing industry? 

“The landscape of the industry has changed dramatically in the last 12 months and will do again in 12 months. It’s exciting, with lots of potential for change and disruption, but a clear pathway to what our heating systems will look like in a net zero world still isn’t defined.  

“A trip to InstallerSHOW will give you with an in-depth look at the trends, products and opportunities available today and provide you with the connections you need for the future.” 

InstallerSHOW is the UK’s largest event for heat, water, air and energy technology professionals, heading to the NEC Birmingham on 27-29 June 2023. Register for your FREE entry pass today.