Elmhurst launch GO Capture App for DEAs

GO Capture iPhone
Elmhurst Energy claims to have made energy performance assessments easier for DEAs by launching its GO Capture App.

The application can be used on its own or in conjunction with Elmhurst’s suite of energy performance assessment software, including RdSAP GO software and Evidence Online Storage. It removes paper-based administration required when compiling an assessment for an EPC.

GO Capture automatically catalogues photos, floor plans and notes during an assessment. Each item is stamped with the correct time, date and GPS to allow the easy creation of evidence reports. Annotations can be added at the click of a button whilst all data is held in a secure online repository.

“GO Capture is designed to help DEAs save time when managing their EPC evidence,” explains Martyn Reed, Elmhurst Energy’s operation director.

“It is designed with simplicity in mind and fits in with the way you want to work. It dramatically reduces time spend cataloguing and collating evidence at the end of each day.”