New EV charger app launched to increase control and reduce costs

Andersen EV, manufacturer of the UK’s best-selling, premium electric vehicle (EV) charger, has refreshed its app to offer customers enhanced management of its home charging products.

The refreshed app is designed to support premium home charging.

The app features a stylish new interface along with a suite of innovative features to help users manage household budgets and significantly reduce the cost of running an EV. A scheduling feature facilitates seamless integration with energy tariffs, enabling customers to look up tariff data and calculate the exact cost of a charging session. Costs can be monitored via the app and, at the end of a charge, clear graphics will summarise key data, including the amount of energy transferred, mileage added and the exact cost of each charge.

Using information on the make and model of car, the app is also able to calculate the number of miles added from the charge session, instead of just how many kilowatts have been added.

Users with advanced solar capabilities will be able to set their vehicle to charge using only solar and a new graphic on the overview screen will show how much solar is being generated even when the vehicle is not plugged in.

The new Andersen app can also send push and email notifications regarding key events such as charge started, charge ended as well as updates on weekly charge usage.

Easily downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play the new app also delivers additional features such as ability to lock the charger remotely, deliver an instant boost and override schedules with a ‘Charge Now’ function.

Making it easy to switch

David Martell, CEO of Andersen EV, said: “We’ve listened to customers to ensure the new app is easier to use and delivers more of the functionality that people really need. Users can integrate the unit with solar panels for ultimate flexible charging, monitor their home and vehicle energy consumption, schedule charging activity and control the unit remotely.

“The new app makes charging simpler and more intuitive. The more we can do to make EV ownership easy, the more likely it is that people will make the switch.”