Special Report

Simplifying heat pump installation – the future is digital, and you can shape it!

A new software package and supporting app is being developed that will make many of the processes involved in heat pump installation easier, and you can contribute to its optimisation prior to launch.  

A new app, set to digitise, streamline and improve heat pump installation, is looking for sector input.

Stimulating demand

The brainchild of Thormer Solutions, formed by Griff Thomas, GTEC MD and Paul Harmer from Inventive Software, an expert in software design for the heating industry and CIPHE’s Lead Technical Consultant, heatly will utilise the latest technologies, such as 2d/3d modelling and visualisation tools to create a fully intuitive one-stop shop for surveying, specification, installation and commissioning – greatly simplifying the installation process for heating engineers.

Part-funded by the Department of Energy, Security and Net Zero under the Heat Pump Ready programme heatly will benefit everyone involved in the sector by removing installer barriers, improving consumer confidence and stimulating demand.

Enhancing the process of choosing and installing a heat pump – including 30 second room surveying, a simple heat loss calculation tool, 3D visualisation and a single place to view all supporting paperwork, heatly is set to benefit manufacturers, installers, trade associations, training providers, consumers and energy companies alike

The first version of heatly, which covers the essentials of heat pump installation, is currently being trialled, with a widespread launch planned for Spring 2024. Once launched, heatly will provide opportunities for businesses to tailor the look and functionality of the app for their specific requirements.

We need to get it right

Prior to the launch, Thormer Solutions is calling for organisations and individuals in the heat pump supply chain and related industries to get involved with the development of this exciting new technology.

MD of Thormer Solutions, Griff Thomas, comments: “We are at a critical point in the development of heatly; getting it right at this stage will greatly benefit everyone involved in the heat pump supply chain and beyond. We want to hear from businesses and organisations across the sector to understand their challenges and make sure the app meets our industry’s needs.

“Investors will have a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of a potentially game changing tool that could really accelerate support for heat pumps. Accurate specification is so crucial and heatly will massively improve and speed-up this part of the process. High quality installations and the removal of barriers will lead to happy heating engineers and end users – essential to driving the market forward.”

A new website has been launched, heatly.com, where potential investors can find out more, and installers and homeowners can register for updates on the app’s development.