Windhager launch pellet store app

Image1 Windager71 Pellet Store App Image
Windhager has launched a new app to give users a quick and easy way to design their pellet store room.

The app programme is designed as a calculator that not only includes all required values for each storage space, such as maximum pellet capacity and inclined floor measurements, but also recommends a specific suction probe system for the transfer of pellets from the store to the Windhager boiler.

The end result is a bespoke design with a 3D view that can be converted to a PDF to use for any project.

“As biomass is taking the industry by storm, we wanted to create a simple and handy solution to help our customers design their own fuel store. The application is a very handy tool and we have had great feedback from those who have already used it. We want to provide as much support to our customers and this application is definitely enabling us to achieving that,” said Oliver Duckworth, commercial director.

Visit to download the free application, which is available on iPhone or Android smart phones.