Daikin UK adds to drainback solar solution

Daikin UK thermal store
Daikin has a new addition to its renewable range with a next generation hot water thermal store, providing optional drainback solar to the company’s Altherma air-to-water heat pumps.

The new range of thermal stores are designed to be combined with Daikin Altherma low-temp or high-temp heat pumps and enable householders to benefit from running cost savings of a combined heat pump and solar thermal system.

Daikin drainback solar systems deliver mains pressure hot water via an indirect heat stainless steel exchanger. According to Daikin, the key benefit of drainback solar is that since the solar thermal panels completely drain of fluid when not in operation, they do not need to be filled with glycol antifreeze and associated fluid replacement costs are avoided. The solar system is less likely to reach stagnation thereby eliminating thermal stresses on the system pipework.

Nancy Jonsson, product manager, heating and renewables at Daikin UK, said: “The introduction of the new range of thermal stores now provides householders with the option of drainback solar thermal for any Daikin Altherma air-to-water heat pump system.

“The fact that it can be partnered with any Daikin heat pump system and makes use of solar drainback technology helps to provide a complete efficient renewable solution that’s relevant for a greater number of the UK’s homes.”