Plumb Center issues ‘Ton-up challenge’ for Gas Safety Week

Plumb Center’s Julie McLean
Plumb Center’s Julie McLean
Plumb Center is supporting Gas Safety Week (15-21 Sept) by challenging its 520 branches to get at least 100 customers to sign an e-petition, which aims to stop needless carbon monoxide (CO) deaths.

The Ton-up Challenge supports Plumb Center’s Make it Law Campaign, which calls for CO alarms to be mandatory when any carbon-burning appliance is installed in England and Wales – it’s already law in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

A government e-petition has been set up and 100,000 names are needed to force a debate in the House of Commons, and bring this living-saving legislation a step nearer.

Why is the law important?
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reports 4,000 people are hospitalised every year in England and Wales because of CO poisoning, the consequences can be brain damage and strokes. Forty people also die annually.

Why it’s important to installers?
Installers are the eyes and ears of their community. They’re in a unique position to put their customers’ safety first. There is no substitute for regular servicing and maintenance, but an alarm offers a vital second line of defence to keep families safe. It boosts their reputation, and it’s the right thing to do, whether it’s law or not.

How can you help?
Please don’t delay go to and sign the petition, and then urge at least 10 of your friends, colleagues or customers to do the same.
And why wait for a change in the law – start the conversation today?

“We take safety very seriously and we’re delighted to support Gas Safety Week, which will help save lives,” said Plumb Center’s Julie McLean. “We’ve received tremendous support from the industry and in Parliament for our Make it Law Campaign but we need to convert that support into names on the petition. Our Ton-up Challenge is something positive we can do.

“The safety message can’t be overstated. Installers are in a unique position to talk to people nationwide– after all it’s all about keeping the nation safe,” added Julie.