Plumb and Parts Center name charity partners

Macmillan Cancer Support and The Katie Haines Memorial Trust have been chosen to be Plumb and Parts Center’s new charity partners

Plumb and Parts’ staff picked Macmillan as their charity of choice whilst the Katie Haines Memorial Trust, which is dedicated to the life of a 31-year-old victim of accidental carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, is the business’ choice.

Staff, their customers and suppliers raise a huge amount of money each year through sponsored walks, golf days, bike rides, and other fund-raising activities. All funds raised will be divided evenly between the two charities.
“We’re delighted to support these charities’ invaluable work,” said Plumb Center spokeswoman, Julie McLean. “Everyone knows somebody affected by cancer, so it’s an excellent choice by our staff.

“As a business it’s vital we support safety and CO danger is ever present. We’ve launched a campaign to get the law changed so a CO alarm would be mandatory in England and Wales, when any carbon-burning appliance is installed – it’s already law in Scotland and Wales,” she added.

To support the law change go to  and sign the e-petition.