Grant UK donates £20,000 to Wiltshire Air Ambulance 

In 2023, after another successful year of fundraising efforts, Grant UK donated £20,000 to Wiltshire Air Ambulance. This contribution will further aid this charity’s crucial medical care services to the local community, ultimately saving lives.

Grant UK has supported Wiltshire Air Ambulance since 2019, donating £20,000 to aid their critical work in Wiltshire. Join them in making a difference!

Since 2019, Grant UK has steadfastly supported Wiltshire Air Ambulance. During this period, employees have organized regular fundraising activities, with the company presenting the charity with annual donations to support their essential provision of Helicopter Emergency Medical Services throughout Wiltshire and the surrounding areas.

Over the past twelve months, the Grant team, customers, and suppliers have actively participated in various activities, including wellness initiatives, rugby score prediction sweepstakes, bake sales, fancy-dress days, and also supported a Christmas raffle to raise funds for Wiltshire Air Ambulance. These fundraisers contributed towards Grant UK’s latest charity donation of £20,000.

Lifesaving service

Wiltshire Air Ambulance is a charity that relies on donations, with an average annual cost of £4.5 million to keep their lifesaving service operational 365 days a year. The WAA Team responds to an average of three emergency calls a day, assisting people who have suffered serious or life-threatening illnesses or injuries. Their critical care team possesses the expertise and equipment necessary to provide lifesaving care, and the speed of the helicopter helps transport patients to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible.

“Having worked closely with WAA for several years now, the Grant team have a thorough understanding of the essential service that this charity provides to the local community,” comments Anna Wakefield, head of internal sales and marketing at Grant UK.  

“We welcomed WAA representatives to our Head Office last year for one of our ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions which gave us the opportunity to find out more about their recent work and speak to members of the WAA medical team. In 2023, our support was as strong as ever and this resulted in our latest donation which now brings our grand total raised for WAA to £65,000. We are also thrilled to confirm that we will be continuing to support Wiltshire Air Ambulance in 2024 as a charity partner for another year.”  

16 missions for a well-needed cause

Wiltshire Air Ambulance corporate partnerships lead Naomi Barker said: “We can’t thank Grant UK enough for their incredible fundraising efforts to support our lifesaving charity.  

“In the four years Grant UK has partnered with Wiltshire Air Ambulance, they’ve effectively funded over four days’ of our work, which is potentially 16 missions. Their support has made such a difference in the community. They’re lifesavers!”