Glow-worm helps save rainforest with £40k donation

Glow-worm has donated £40,000 to rainforest communities in Peru via Cool Earth.

The donation will help make a significant contribution towards protecting Peru’s endangered rainforests, as well as providing access to healthcare for vulnerable people living in the rainforest’s indigenous villages.

Cool Earth has been Glow-worm’s corporate charity for the past three years and in that time Glow-worm has directly protected 500 acres of at-risk rainforest, reducing global COemissions by 130,000 tonnes.

A further £20,000 was donated as part of the Big Give Christmas Challenge at the end of 2013, which will help fund the construction of a number of medical outposts and the provision of medical supplies in the Ashaninka region of Peru.

Pippa Wibberley, commercial director of Glow-worm, said: “We’re delighted that we’ve been able to donate such a significant amount over the last three years to what is a globally relevant cause.

“We chose to support Cool Earth as the charity provides one of the most effective ways to reduce global CO2 emissions and plays a vital role in tackling climate change, which is something we are very passionate about as a renewable technologies manufacturer.

“The donation will also have a direct impact on people’s lives, helping to develop healthcare clinics in 15 villages and provide trained medical staff who will be able to prevent life-threatening illnesses.”