Viessmann’s real APPeal

An App which allows remote operation of domestic heating systems is now available for download on Android devices.

Heating systems manufacturer, Viessmann, has extended its Smartphone App to allow more of its customers to control their domestic heating systems when on the go.

Already available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch handsets, customers owning Android Smartphones and tablets can now download the Vitotrol app from the Google Play store for £4.69. A free showcase App is available for consumers to trial the technology, and is also available from App stores.

Viessmann says the App is ideal for homeowners who want to get more from their heating systems and only pay for the energy they need. The App is also highly suitable for owners of holiday homes, where energy requirements can vary greatly week by week, and avoids unnecessary trips to reset the system or waiting for the heating to get up to temperature after arrival as it can be switched on in transit.

“So much of everyday life is on the go, and there is no reason heating our homes should be any different,” said Graham Russell, managing director of Viessmann UK.

“As more Smartphone and tablet devices become available, demand for availability on Android is growing. We’re proud to be the first manufacturer in the UK to launch an App of this kind for these platforms.”

The Vitorol App is able to control up to three heating circuits featuring gas-fired boilers and heat pumps through controls already integrated into the products themselves. The homeowner can use the App to control the heating circuits’ operating condition, change room temperature, and timing programmes remotely. They can also select special party and ECO functions, the latter of which can generate further savings by lowering operation to a set point, for a set period.

“The App is compatible with all Viessmann controllers installed since 2004, so it’s not just for new products,” added Russell.

“Our customers are passionate about quality, keen on their new technology and value the energy efficiency which our technologies deliver. The move to Android means more of our client base is able to make that next step towards making their heating system work around them.”