Viessmann’s One Base – the nerve centre of the smart, low carbon household

As a progression from thinking about low carbon heating, installers and their customers should now widen their focus to consider low carbon households.

A user-friendly energy management system that makes life simpler for installers.

That means looking, in a holistic way, at a home’s entire heat and power ecosystem – including all living and mobility needs. In the very near future, installers will be required to advise on, and supply, a range of interconnected products and services including heating, cooling, ventilation, electric vehicle charging and energy storage.

With this in mind, Viessmann has already developed the One Base control platform which combines all elements seamlessly  into a single, exceptionally user-friendly climate and energy management solution. It offers homeowners an easy, reliable and quick way to operate their entire energy system via an app, at no additional cost.

One Base incorporates Viessmann’s free energy-optimisation system ‘Energy Management Inside’ which coordinates and optimises a home’s complete energy network, maintaining comfort at the same time as offering improved efficiency and reduced costs.

Installer benefits

One Base makes life much simpler for installers, too, by making it easy to commission, integrate, manage and monitor all types of energy technologies. Solar PV, battery storage, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) and EV chargers can all be painlessly incorporated into existing systems. This opens up the possibility of a step-by-step approach towards complete energy self-sufficiency. Homeowners can start with heat pumps and add additional elements such as storage, solar and vehicle charging over time.

After all, not everyone has the budget to install everything at once, and until now that has been a real barrier. Especially when products from different manufacturers require multiple control platforms that don’t integrate seamlessly.

One Base also lets you keep a remote eye on systems and highlight possible faults immediately by electronic means, without the need for a home visit – which is good news for installers and their clients.

With you all the way

Viessmann prides itself on being the manufacturer of choice for installers. Providing superb support and maximum flexibility are top priorities for the family-run company, which also offers a wide range of exceptionally reliable products for every type of property.

When you factor in the inclusion of One Base in every Viessmann residential appliance launched since 2019 – avoiding the cost and headache of adding an additional layer of 3rd party  technology to manage all the appliances in the home – it’s clear that Viessmann is a long way ahead of its competitors. 

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