Viessmann and City Plumbing partnership boosts product range and availability

Under the new agreement City Plumbing now stocks the widest range of Viessmann gas condensing boilers and heat pumps in the UK.

Interior of City Plumbing warehouse

Viessmann Climate Solutions and City Plumbing have entered into a new partnership agreement that will see the merchant’s central (Omega) distribution network supply Vitodens 200-W light commercial boilers and cascade components, as well as Vitocal 150-A/151-A air source heat pumps, for residential buildings.

Overcoming barriers

Having produced its first heat pump in 1979, Viessmann is a highly experienced heat pump manufacturer.  Its latest air source heat pump range, the Vitocal 150-A/151-A, is designed to address many of the barriers to air source heat pump adoption. They offer exceptionally environmentally-friendly refrigeration and quiet operation in compact hydrosplit units that are very quick and simple to install.

Both the wall-mounted Vitocal 150-A and the floor-standing Vitocal 151-A, with integrated 190 litre DHW cylinder, have a high maximum flow temperature of 70 °C (at an outside temperature down to -10 °C) for high hot water comfort. The buffer tank, expansion vessel, and overflow valve – components which must usually be fitted and connected separately – are now integrated in the indoor unit (IDU), reducing installation time by 90 minutes and resulting in an in-the-home space saving of 60% compared to other heat pumps. Locating the defrost buffer inside the IDU also ensures that the heat pump never fails to start, regardless of system temperature, and in colder weather provides a unique improvement to efficiency compared to other brands as no heat is taken from the heating system for the defrost cycle.

Ian Brookes, Head of Sales – Merchants for Viessmann Climate Solutions UK, said: “This increase in stock holding of Viessmann heat pumps and light commercial boilers means City Plumbing’s customers can now benefit from next day delivery on not only Vitodens residential boilers, as they have been used to for many years, but also light commercial boilers for larger homes or small businesses, and residential heat pumps and appropriate cylinders.”

“Our core focus is making our customers’ lives easier – whether that’s supporting with the products they need, when they need them, or aiding the transition to renewable technologies. Our strengthened relationship with Viessmann aligns with this focus entirely,” said Adam Foy, Chief Commercial Officer at City Plumbing.

Image supplied by Propel Technology