NICEIC launch interactive Green Deal website

living room
NICEIC has launched a interactive website to provide consumers and contractors with everything they need to know about Green Deal.

Research by NICEIC reveals that many homeowners are unaware of the scheme’s benefits, whilst contractors expected to carry out the work, are ill informed of the opportunities it could create for their business.

Therefore, NICEIC says that is an easy access point for anyone looking to find out more about Green Deal.

Some of the features include:

  • Ability to tour 11 different rooms
  • Information on  26 different energy efficiency measures/ technologies
  • Downloadable Green Deal Factsheets
  • Green Deal Jargonbuster
  • Find a Green Deal Advisor, Installer or Provider
  • Step-by-step animation explaining each stage of Green Deal

NICEIC’s head of group marketing, Mark Smith, said: “Green Deal has the potential to be one of the largest home improvement programmes ever. But low awareness will prevent consumer engagement while lack of clarity will prevent installers from entering the market.

“This educational website aims to provide the quickest method of understanding the Green Deal of any other UK site. It provides clear and concise information which we hope will answer any questions that consumers or contractors might have about the scheme.

“After just ten minutes on the site, visitors will have a good idea of how Green Deal could benefit them.”