Public shows green energy support with Generation YES

Ripple Energy has launched a new initiative called Generation YES, calling on public members to say ‘yes’ to the development of renewable energy projects and support more clean power.

Ripple Energy's new initiative calls on the public to support renewable energy projects.

Those favouring renewable energy projects can pledge their support by adding their postcode to an interactive map showcasing the wave of support for renewables across the UK. The initiative aims to draw attention to consumers’ growing demand for real action against climate change and offer them a platform to be heard. 

Recent research commissioned by Ripple Energy shows that support for new green developments doubles compared to other non-green developments. There is a rising wave of support for developing renewable energy projects, with 67% of Brits supporting renewable energy.

Levels of local support for wind and solar projects rise even further when residents are given the option of part-owning and directly benefiting from the project, through savings off their energy bills. Support is most significant for those aged 18-24, with 88% being more supportive of renewable energy projects if they can own part.

Not in my backyard

65% of Brits believe households across the country, not just those living near them, should be able to own wind farms and solar parks and benefit from the UK’s clean energy transition through lower energy bills.

The study found that residents are far more receptive to energy-efficient buildings, renewable energy projects and electric vehicle charging stations than legacy projects. The number of residents who say ‘not in my backyard’ to local expansion plans then dwindles if the changes will help the environment. These findings come at a critical time when the government is dialling back its net zero plans and instead is approving fossil fuel projects such as oil drilling in the Rosebank Field in the North Sea.

Combatting climate change head-on

Over 15,000 households across the UK are already creating a powerful wave of green energy ownership with Ripple Energy by part-owning a large-scale wind farm or solar park. Now, more public members can join Generation YES and make their voices heard for a cleaner, greener future. With the public’s backing, Ripple Energy plans to drive the change needed to combat climate change head-on.

Sarah Merrick, founder and CEO of Ripple Energy said: “Public opinion has shifted towards the proud support of renewable projects, with the British public becoming more receptive to green developments than they were five years ago, as we now recognise that renewable energy projects are the key to safeguarding our environment, combating climate change, and achieving energy independence and that we need to work towards a greener future together. 

“It’s great to see that support for wind and solar projects rises even further when residents are given the option of part-owning and directly benefiting from the project, through savings off their energy bills, and going above and beyond by adding more green energy to the grid.

“The UK is at risk of stalling new renewable energy projects. Grid connection delays, consenting difficulties and offshore auction prices, which are too low, are all preventing progress.

“We’ve launched an initiative called Generation YES, a campaign encouraging the British public to pledge their support for more renewable energy projects and show the government that now is the time for action.”