Recruitment drive starts for renewable energy plant

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More than 50 new jobs are now being advertised by Air Products for its Tees Valley Renewable Energy facility, located in the New Energy and Technology Business Park, near Billingham, Teesside. 

The energy facility is set to enter commercial operation next year (2014) but the first batch of new recruits will join Air Products during the summer.  The jobs on offer include senior engineering roles, plant operation, maintenance and administrative positions.

Andrew Connolly, Air Products’ plant manager of the Tees Valley Renewable Energy Facility, said: “The Tees Valley facility has a triple bonus effect: new jobs and technology investment for the North East, low carbon power generation and better waste management as waste is diverted from landfill for energy use. We are looking to recruit from Teesside primarily, although we may need to recruit from further afield to fill certain positions. There’s a mix of skilled and semi-skilled jobs on offer and so far we have had very strong levels of interest.

“We are delighted to have reached the recruitment phase in the project, just 12 months after we started construction on site and we are on schedule to enter commercial operation next year. So far, the construction programme has employed more than 700 workers, many of whom are working with Air Products’ sub-contracting firms based in or around Teesside.”

Air Products says it will be making use of a range of channels to advertise the positions including a dedicated careers website (, generic online recruitment websites (e.g., local press advertising and recruiting via local Job Centres.