Zero FiT degression expected in February

solar pv panel

The latest PV installation figures from DECC show that deployment levels are likely to fall below the capacity triggers needed to enact a further degression in the Feed-in Tariff in the New Year.

According to analysis by Feed-in Tariff Ltd, provisional figures from DECC show that capacity installed between August and October is under the range which would result in a reduction to any of the three tariff bands.

Approximately 70MW of 0-10kW PV was installed in during the three month period – far below the 100MW level needed to trigger a 3.5 percent reduction in FiT from 01 February. Although not yet confirmed, tariffs are therefore expected to remain frozen at 15.44p/kWh for domestic (<4kW) installations until at least 01 May 2013 when they will be reviewed again.