#FiT announcement imminent

At the ICE conference Retrofit Solutions for the Housing Sector there was a great deal of talk around the future direction of the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme, and in particular the timing of the new rate reviews and timing for PV.

It seems clear that the delay in the announcement has been caused by the time it’s taking to resolve the requirements of cross-Whitehall approval with the desire of DECC to create a positive framework for the PV market. The announcement now seems to be only days, or maybe even hours away.

The announcement is expected to move the PV FiT towards a more predictive scheme similar to the recent changes in the German Feed in Tariff Scheme.

Changes to Part 2B (non-PV technologies) are expected to be announced next month and will reflect the experiences of the non- PV market to date, albeit with increased complexity.

DECC must give Parliament 40 days notice of any changes to FiT and would, for example, have until 16 June to make an announcement in order to impose reductions to the scheme from 01 August.