Low Carbon Homes Heat Pumps for Installers

After a long period of reliable demand for one type of heating technology, heating installers are having to make difficult choices to ensure their livelihood can survive, in a new era where gas is no longer the first fuel of choice for space heating and hot water.

The ground-breaking ‘Heat Pumps for Installers’ Meet-Up, to be held on Wednesday 6th July, 8.30am-11.30am online provides the opportunity to ask questions to those who are already experienced in heat pump installations and find out what’s involved with pivoting a heating business to roll with the punches.

Drop in any time and get direct access to discuss the issues and get your questions answered with a network of distributors and fellow installers, as well as those in Government driving policy and regulatory change.

With a series of short presentations available live or on-demand (no need to worry about being late or stuck in traffic!), and a virtual conference space with “tables” which participants can join to ask questions or contribute to discussions, installers can drop in for an hour or two and get one-to-one advice on how to move into heat pump installations or scale up a business that’s already started on that path.

The Meet-Up format recreates and enhances the ‘distributor day out’ experience in terms of socialising and learning by talking to fellow installers, but with additional advantages of flexibility.

Tickets are free – go to https://bit.ly/HeatPumpsInstallREG to get yours.