Heatable launches battery storage service 

Heatable has launched its battery-only storage installation service for UK households.  

Heatable employees working with the Heatble logo in the centre of the image.

Founded by brothers Sam and Ben Price, Heatable initially made its mark as a boiler installation platform before expanding into solar energy and battery storage solutions. Now, they are taking a bold step forward with a dedicated battery-only installation service, underlining their commitment to renewable energy. 

The UK residential energy storage market is evolving, shifting from a solar-coupled model to one where consumers are increasingly leveraging time-of-use tariffs.

Ben Price, co-founder of Heatable, highlighted this shift, stating, “The market dynamics are changing. Traditionally, people would buy solar and then add a battery. Now, they’re purchasing batteries first and considering solar additions later.” 

Battery-only storage adapts to market trends

Heatable’s battery storage solutions feature top-tier options like the Tesla Powerwall, Alpha ESS, Enphase IQ, and GivEnergy All-In-One battery.

As an MCS-accredited installer and a Which? Trusted Trader, Heatable ensures peace of mind for its customers, with all batteries covered by at least a 10-year warranty. The company also manages all paperwork and applications required to notify the Distribution Network Operator about battery storage installations. 

Heatable’s expansion into battery-only storage not only demonstrates its commitment to adapting to market trends but also underscores its dedication to renewable energy solutions. This new service showcases the company’s innovative spirit and dedication to delivering top-notch, environmentally conscious energy solutions for UK households.