West Midlands leads the charge on domestic property retrofitting

A groundbreaking initiative kicks off this weekend in the West Midlands, aiming to accelerate the region’s transition towards healthier, warmer homes for all.

Retrofit Action Week (RAW) West Midlands is here to unite residents, communities, and the industry in our journey to decarbonise homes.

Retrofit Action Week, West Midlands, brings together businesses, councils, and community groups for a week of intensive engagement focused on domestic property retrofit.

This collaborative effort, spearheaded by Low Carbon Homes, features a diverse lineup of sixteen activities including:

  • Birmingham Retrofit Summit, hosted by Birmingham City Council: An online event featuring over 20 expert speakers across key themes like local government project delivery, skills development, and community engagement.
  • Site visits, workshops, and drop-in sessions: Opportunities for professionals and residents to gain practical insights and access retrofit advice.
  • Community-led action days: Events fostering local collaboration and raising awareness among residents.

Normalising the conversation around domestic property retrofit

“Retrofit Action Week is a crucial step towards normalising the conversation around domestic property retrofit,” states Graham Lock, founder of Low Carbon Homes and organiser of the campaign.

“This collaborative effort presents a significant opportunity for the newly appointed Mayor, Richard Parker, to witness collaboration in action and to make good on his promise* to prioritise retrofit to ensure healthier homes for all West Midlands residents.”

This week-long initiative signifies the West Midlands’ leadership in the national retrofit agenda. With an inclusive programme designed to engage a diverse range of stakeholders, Retrofit Action Week aims to:

  • Highlight the realities and benefits of large-scale domestic property retrofit.
  • Showcase innovative solutions, best practices and real-world delivery.
  • Promote collaboration and knowledge-sharing among key players.

Retrofit Action Week, West Midlands takes place from May 11-19, 2024. For full details and event registration, visit

Image: Retrofit Action Week