IMechE event to look at current progress in low-carbon and low-cost domestic heat

The future of domestic heating is a topic of increasing relevancy.

IMechE optimising fluid machinery event

With the cost-of-living crisis at the forefront of consumers’ minds, the drive for low-carbon heating is paramount for manufacturers and governmental bodies. To secure a low carbon future, an alternative approach to heating the UK must be realised.

Building on the success of previous fluid machinery seminars, Optimising Fluid Machinery: Heat Pumps and Hydrogen Boilers, will delve into the challenges of utilising hydrogen for heat and the manufacturing and installation of heat pumps.

Currently, only hydrogen-blend boilers are available, meaning they still rely primary on natural gas. However, the mechanical engineering community is developing techniques and methodologies by which hydrogen may be incorporated into existing infrastructure and produced through lower carbon means.

Across industry, work on a range of methods and application areas is being undertaken to solve the problem of providing decarbonised homes. This seminar will highlight the areas in which mechanical engineers are developing products and roadmaps to provide efficient, low-cost heating at scale.

Through an investigation of a range of decarbonisation technologies including heat pumps, district heating, heat interface units, waste heat storage systems, hydrogen boilers, hybrids and hydrogen blend boilers, this seminar will give an overview of all areas of engineering progress in the low carbon heating sector.

It is unclear as to what combination of engineering solutions will provide customers long term, sustainable heating. With a future and consumer base that requires an increasingly complex and varied set of solutions to the problem of decarbonisation, this IMechE seminar seeks to provide a forum for engineers, researchers, and global manufacturers to come together and share their challenges and project development in the pursuit of the same goal of low carbon domestic heat.

Hear from organisations including Worcester Bosch, Enertek International, Kiwa UK, Kensa Heat Pumps, DNV, The Carbon Trust and University of Nottingham as they deliver presentations covering the following topics:

  • Understanding the Way Forward in the Decarbonisation of Domestic Heat Production
  • Hydrogen Boiler Manufacturing and Industry Update
  • Delivering City Wide Decarbonisation with District Heating and Large Heat Pumps
  • Waste Heat Storage Technologies and District Heating Systems
  • Electrification Technologies and the Impact on Decarbonised Heat Production

Join this event to:

  • Better understand the way forward in the decarbonisation of domestic heat production
  • Gain an industry update on hydrogen ready boilers
  • Hear from experts on heat pumps installation and maintenance
  • Gather key regulatory and research updates from academics, governing bodies and advisory institutions
  • Network with senior engineers, OEMs and fluid machinery experts in order to progress professional and industrial relationships

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Image credit: Institution of Mechanical Engineers