Polar ESS debuts UK affordable energy storage 

Polar ESS has unveiled its entry into the UK market, introducing affordable energy storage solutions to consumers. The brand offers high-powered systems at competitive prices, aiming to provide accessible energy storage options for households nationwide. 

Polar ESS introduces affordable energy storage solutions in the UK market, offering high-powered systems at competitive prices

Polar ESS presents a range of products, including a 5.12kWh home battery, hybrid inverters in 3.6kW or 6.0kW capacities, and a user-friendly smartphone app for remote management and monitoring. 

These systems feature premium LiFePO4 technology, ensuring safety, durability, and scalability with support for multiple parallel operations. 

Notably, Polar ESS distinguishes itself through its pricing strategy. While similar systems typically command prices around £4000 (excluding installation costs), Polar ESS systems are priced at 50-60% lower, providing a cost-effective option for households seeking energy storage solutions. 

BIllpayers are often priced out of battery storage benefits

Dave Roberts of Polar ESS comments: “Here at Polar ESS, we’re tearing down the entry barriers to battery storage. We don’t think it’s right that so many billpayers are priced out of the benefits of battery storage. So, we’ve formed Polar ESS as a scrappy challenger brand. 

“With an energy storage system, every home that uses electricity would be able to run cheaper and greener—no exceptions. So, home batteries should be readily accessible and as easy to buy as any other household appliance. And that’s just why Polar ESS was born – to start making the tech affordable for everyone.” 

To support its vision of clean energy storage technology in every home, Polar ESS is making the journey easy for installers. Any qualified electrician can install the kit – without needing extra training.  

Quick wins

Roberts adds: “We believe that installing a home battery for a customer should be as straightforward and as standard a job as wiring in any other electrical system. So, working with Polar ESS systems means quick wins for any qualified electrician.

“We don’t make electricians obtain extra certifications to install, and our easy-peasy fit-and-forget systems make for cracking value projects.  Meanwhile, the billpayers are not forking out a fortune just to access clean, low-cost energy. They’re getting a trusty, high-powered system without having to break the bank. We think that’s exactly how it should be.”